It’s common for guys (particularly young guys) to call girls “hot” and not “beautiful”. This shouldn’t happen. The word “beautiful” is better than the word “hot” when complimenting a girl, since it’s more flattering and makes the girl feel more special. The rest of this blog is directed to guys, but, by no means, is this not a blog for girls.

If you’re struck by a girl’s beauty, then tell her she’s beautiful.

To say a girl is beautiful is to say that her cup of beauty is entirely full. In other words, she cannot be any more beautiful than she already is. That’s a lot better than merely saying she’s hot.



Girls know that guys have seen their fair share of things like a breathtakingly beautiful sunset.

You saying that they’re beautiful is like you telling a girl, “You know the overwhelming sense of beauty that arise when you gaze at a sunset? Well, that same sense of beauty arises when I gaze at you”.

It’s also like saying, “Yea, I’ve seen all the beautiful works of art painted throughout the ages, but the best work of art was done by God when He created you”. This is what the word beauty conveys.

When you say “you’re hot”, it like saying, “You know the hot sauce at Taco Bell? Well, you remind me of that hot sauce”. That is some sweet game right there. That guy will never graduate from singleness.

Girls know that you have seen beauty, so you saying that you see beauty in them will make them feel special and it’ll probably make their day.

Guys, let’s try to make more of an effort to make the day of the girls around us. We don’t have to do this in a creepy way, but instead in a Godly way.

Girls are beautiful, not hot.

Jordan Kranda
Follower of Jesus. Husband to Ariel. Master’s of Theology (Greek Track) Graduate. Future Pastor. Present lover of cheese, Blink-182, & watching sports.


  1. Yay! I’m glad you posted this. I’m forever wondering how guys don’t understand that they tell girls they’re “hot” making them a dime a dozen. But hardly ever do you hear them say beautiful with meaning attached. We as women want to cherished and feel special not just one of many out there.

  2. Yes! I once had a guy who attained my number from a friend, and he would text me almost everyday and never talk to me in person. It was obvious he liked my looks, but I’m not sure about my religion (he’s an atheist) and my attitude at life.

    One day he was texting me and he said “One day I’m going to love another girl.” I typed back “ok.” And he responded “yeah. It’ll be in about 10 years and she’ll call you mommy.”

    You don’t know how disgusted and degraded I felt then. So any guy reading this, don’t do this. Be nice and and sweet, but never stalker-ish.

    Also, please don’t just text the girl and never talk to them in person. It’s so so so annoying to form technological relationships, and then never form personal.

  3. This is good, as long as guys don’t get the wrong impression and assume that just because he called her beautiful that she is gonna fall at his feet.

  4. I read the title of this post and thought, “I actually don’t mind being called hot”. This is because I’ve lost a good deal of weight, so I like being recognized for my hard work. BUT what you’re saying is true. When a guy calls me hot, I laugh and say thanks, but he has no shot of having a legitimate conversation and a date is out of the question. Even if I am flattered, it’s like you said: game over.

  5. I also like the word beautiful better because it’s a word that I think is appropriate to use with my daughters, I want them to be beautiful and I tell them that they are beautiful. I would feel uncomfortable and wrong telling them that they are hot.

  6. I absolutely love this! I have said this for years to call a woman beautiful and not hot. When a guy says you’re “hot” I almost feel disrespected. Like they are treating you like a piece of meat because guys throw that word around a lot. I love this blog entry and I could not agree more with you!

  7. In college ill sometimes have guys come up to me and tell me im “hot”, (1) its creepy when a complete stranger comes up to you and starts talking to you (2) if the creepy stranger calls you hot… well it gets more creepy. It makes me feel like a piece of meat… like they are being inappropriate. But this one time I was taking a “selfie” and one of the creepy stranger students passing by said to me “you’re beautiful and you don’t need a picture to prove it” and I actually felt good, that was actually sweet and made him not so “creepy” after all. I didn’t feel be-littled as I did when I was called “hot” or “sexy”


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