Macklemore is a rap artist who propelled to stardom with the release of his recent album entitled “The Heist”. This album contains many hit songs, but “Same Love” is his most powerful, since he addresses the highly controversial topic of gay marriage. He wants everyone to be able to marry whomever they want.



Can Christians like this song?

Well, I’m a Christian and I love the song. In fact, it’s one of my favorite songs of 2013. I’ve know all the lyrics and I listen to the song often. I don’t agree with everything said in the song, but I like how Macklemore presents his take on this highly controversial topic.

To be clear, I’m Christian and I haven’t voted for gay marriage and I will never vote for it. A wrote a quick blog post about my complete view on gay marriage (Click this link to read it).

How could I love a song that I don’t agree with?

Macklemore’s stance is the stance of a growing number of people. My opinion isn’t the only opinion, so I enjoy hearing what he has to say. You can’t just live under a rock and expect to be able to communicate to the world about Jesus.

You have to know what is current within the culture, so that you can communicate to that culture about God.

Christians are called to be not of the world, but they are sent into the world. We cannot let the opinions contrary to Jesus tempt us to abandon Jesus and His teachings, but we must also be aware of what is current in the culture. We can use this information, so that we can find effective ways in which to share the Gospel with the world.

Some people won’t listen to a sermon, but they will listen to this song. I can ask them questions that this song addresses (The relevance of the Bible, the existence of God, Gay marriage,etc.). After listening to them, I can bring up my own thoughts. This leads me to bring up what the Bible has to say. This ignites a great discussion which only this song could produce.

This song says a lot of good things,too.
I love when Macklemore goes after rap music for being homophobic. He says,

If I was gay, I would think hip-hop hates me
Have you read the YouTube comments lately?
“Man, that’s gay” gets dropped on the daily
We become so numb to what we’re saying

Call each other faggots behind the keys of a message board
A word rooted in hate, yet our genre still ignores it
Gay is synonymous with the lesser


This is a bold message for Macklemore to rap about, but it’s also a message that must be heard. Rap music is guilty of being homophobic, but so is most people.

Saying “you’re gay” as a insult is messed up. If you’re currently doing that, raise your hand and proceed to smack yourself with that hand. Gay people don’t deserve that disrespect.

The song is a bit contradictory though.

Macklemore talks a jab at Christianity when he says,

God loves all his children, is somehow forgotten
But we paraphrase a book written thirty-five-hundred years ago

He doesn’t have a favorable view of the Bible, yet the final lyrics of this song are a Bible verse. A singer sings, “Love is Patient. Love is Kind.” That quote is found in the book of 1st Corinthians. You know what else is said in the book of 1st Corinthians? Homosexuality is a sin. Interesting.

Christians can enjoy this song. No harm, no foul. However, remember that this song doesn’t portray the Biblical stance on gay marriage, so don’t call this opinion your own.

It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle

What do you think?

Do you agree or disagree with what I wrote?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Jordan Kranda
Follower of Jesus. Husband to Ariel. Master’s of Theology (Greek Track) Graduate. Future Pastor. Present lover of cheese, Blink-182, & watching sports.


  1. To be truthful(always a good thing) I would probably not vote FOR gay marriage if I had the chance(I’m canadian, it’s not illegal) , but I will certainly never vote AGAINST it. There is a picture I’ve seen quite a few times on social media of a pamphlet; on it’s cover it says “what Jesus says about homosexuality” then , there is a second picture of the open panphlet with nothing in it. SO POWERFUL! I think this speaks to a great concern people have about disobeying what Jesus taught. He said to LOVE, not hate or put people down. He also did not write first Corinthians, Paul did. There is never an account of Jesus encountering people with homosexual tendencies. Paul can be quite controversial if we apply him directly to today’s society. He DID say that women should not teach about faith. That rule was because women were not educated the same as men. I wouldn’t want an uneducated man to fix my car let alone teach me religious teachings. Many things have changed, which is why we interpret the bible. If this belief that people are born gay is in fact true, maybe it is a sign from God not to focus on the specifics but to just love! After all the greatest of Jesus’ commands were about love! This was not meant to be this long..(perhaps The Lord is speaking through me? You never know!) I just wanted to put this out there from the view of a middle class white girl with a heart for Jesus, however “sheltered” some may say it is. Background on me: I’m a senior in High school, attending a Christian University for a Church Ministries major. Plan on getting my M.Div and potentially my Ph.D.. We shall see what God has in store!

  2. I think that listening to a song that promotes gay marriage is like listening to a song that promotes sex before marriage. I myself love love the beat to “Blurred Lines” and catch myself listening and singing to it too much. And as my mom always says what you listen to is what you at least tend to live by. And I’ve found that the more I listen to a secular song, the more I start believing that the lyrics are at least remotely true. Or I start singing the song and then the words that don’t praise Jesus are coming out if my mouth- no matter if it’s in a song or not. I don’t know if you feel this way or not but that’s just my opinion! Thanks for your time, have a nice night!

  3. This was really needed for me. I know so many people who love this song and quote it and believe everything it says. Personally, I think it’s catchy but I disagree completely. And it honestly makes me a little uncomfortable because it’s hard to argue with. Many times I don’t know how to react so this is a cool take on the song and how to think of it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. My friend, who is really struggling with her faith showed me this blog post. She is finding it hard to understand the meaning of needing to “be in the world, and not of it”, and how as Christians we are called to be set apart. Although, I do respect your opinion..My friend really got me thinking. I saw the how your post just confused her just as so many other Christians she has in her life are doing. Yes. You may be totally set and strong in your faith, and think that none of the worldly influences will ever off set your relationship with The Lord, but what about those who aren’t that way? I stumble and fall, but that’s when I know that there is something in my life that needs to be cut out. For example, I used to LOVE The Bachelor. That was my show. But the more I watched it the more my heart was just being pulled in the wrong direction. I was feeding into the worldly message and lies that that show tells young women. Yes, just by getting together with my girls and watching it. How was i supposed to be an example to young girls when I myself was feeding my heart with that show. I came to a point where this same friend asked me why I watch that show when I am against the things that it teachings women. And honestly I had no idea. Long story short I haven’t watched that show since then, and looking back i see how i wasn’t glorifying our God by watching it! I mean, it didn’t make me turn against my values and my faith but I was still feeding into it.. and when my friends ask why I don’t watch it anymore because they knew how much I loved it I am able to share why. and actually all of the girls that I used to watch it came to the same realization and they too don’t feed into that show. Now this is just one example, and sure you can ask “so you only listen to Christian music or watch Christian movies and shows” but that isn’t what I want you to get out of this. Even if its just one little thing in our lives that we can go against the world with, why not? Why listen to a song that clearly bashes our lord and saviors word and sends people we are trying to reach a wrong message? Sure it’d be cool to be able to know all the lyrics and be able to talk to believers and none believers about it, and be able to share your faith through that…but why wouldn’t you want to explain to someone the reasons why you choose NOT to listen to it? I believe you would still be able to engaged in a great conversation with a person about it. A blogger I love talks about things like this. Her name is Heather Lindsey and I think she makes some great points! You should check it out. In one of her postings she talks about the show “Scandal” and how a lot of her friends love it. watching it is just feeding into this world. Its about lust, lies, sex, adultery, and money. So what you’re telling me is that it’s okay to watch it every Thursday so that I am able to witness to people through it? Because to me that isn’t the way I have been taught by my mentors, pastors, and from what I have studied and prayed about. I guess that point of view that you have just confuses me. In a way I understand how we can’t be blind to what is going on in the world, and we need to have the knowledge of what is popular in our culture and all that so we are able to be a light through that. But I feel like there is a better approach to witnessing that wouldn’t confuse people. I also think by not engaging in things such as listening to this song it gives people a sense of respect for your beliefs. And if they are not a strong believer watching a Christian Rocking out to this some, singing all the lyrics.. it would just throw some people off (like it did with my friend). I don’t party or drink because I believe that as Christians that isn’t what Christ wants..but I don’t shun anyone who does lol but if my friends needed a ride home or needed help I’d be there in a second! And my friends (Christians, and none Christians) have a lot of respect for me for that.
    But just like listening to this song…if I went to these parties where there is underage drinking, drugs and sex just to hang with friends and have fun without partaking…I am still encouraging and feeding into that negative worldly image. Does that make sense? Heck, I still listen to all my friends crazy drunken stories and all that and I am able to be a light to them just by listening to them talk about it! I don’t need to “experience it” or in your case “listen to it” to be able to reach out to people. i think a lot of people after reading this post could walk away and say “oh so I can watch what I want so I can use it to tell them my own beliefs” or “I can try out wearing what I want to I can use it to tell people what I believe” or “I can have sex JUST ONCE to use it to tell people about what I believe” so on I could say the same for drugs, drinking and more worldly things! You get it lol that’s just my thoughts.

    I don’t think I need to listen, watch, try, do etc. to be able to get into an awesome discussion with someone about what the Bible says about certain topics, and what I believe 🙂

    I’m not great at debating, nor do I really want to but I guess I’m just trying to see it from a none Christian/weak Christians point of view that’s all. And I know that one day I’m going to have sons and daughters hopefully and I wouldn’t want to be rockin’ out to this song…or a song about sex, cheating or anything that bashes my God etc. because what is that showing them? That obviously isn’t what you’re doing…I’m just saying that’s how I see it. I’m not “living it” but just by listening to it I’m not glorifying my God at all.

    Oh, and by no means do I “hate” people who are gay. I have a couple friends who are gay, and I love them! I just don’t encourage the sin or support it.

    God bless you and your ministry! You’re reaching a lot of people, I pray that God will use you in crazy awesome ways!!

    • Amazingly well put Rebecca! I concur with your comment. I cant remember which verse or even the exact words at the moment but Jesus says to RUN from things like this song. Songs and shows like these are there to slowly desensitize people to the issues…further grey the line. Its pure deception..and the devil is king of that! I sometimes forget the spiritual warfare that is going on because when you really think about it it sounds crazy! I have to comment again though about how awesome it is that all of these comments are so well put and have no HINT of hatred or condemnation. We need more people like us out on the front lines! Jordan also would you check out Living waters by Desert Stream.. i would love to hear your thoughts. Also a book connected to that called Strength in Weakness, and Pursuing Sexual Wholeness. I think you will LOVE it!

  5. Whoops, the link to the article won’t work in these comments. If anyone’s interested in reading the article (I encourage you to, it’s a good read), just google, “Why Christians Should Listen to Macklemore” by Jeff Cherry.

  6. What I find intriguing about Macklemore is that, in many of his songs, he mentions the Bible, the Christian God, and the Christian people. (Check out this article by Jeff Cherry, I love the points made in it!) In Same Love, my favorite line is “Whatever God you believe in, we come from the same one”, because it’s the plain truth. Christians receive God’s love and mercy day upon day, and then have the nerve to decide that someone isn’t loved, or is damned to hell because of their sin? That’s not right at all. Yes, sin will take you straight to hell without Jesus, but we can’t decide someone’s fate. I’m not sure if any of this is coherent, but what I’m trying to get across is that so many people claim to be Christians, such as Westboro “Baptist” “Church”, but show none of the love or mercy that God has so kindly shown to us. We, as Christians, need to realize what our words/actions say to the world, and saying that we (or God) “hate fags” is NOT the way to reach a nonbeliever. I believe the only way to reach someone is by showing them love, and then working into it. Screaming hate gets us nowhere.

    I’m friends with a few homosexual people, and I would never even consider hating them. I do believe that what they practice is wrong, and I don’t support it, but I would never stop being a friend simply because of that. What if God stopped communicating with us because of our sin? You know that lie you told? That bad thought you had? It’s the same to God as homosexuality is. So don’t put yourself on a pedestal simply because you’re a Christian. We are “as filthy as rags”, and no better than anyone else. Put others above you, nonbelievers especially, and THAT sends a message. Show love instead of preaching hate. Look at Jesus’s life, and think of how He would have treated a homosexual.

    Love the post, Jordan, and love the song “Same Love”! God bless.

    • Your comment was coherent to me. Preaching hate won’t get you anywhere. Love does more in a moment than hate can do in a lifetime. I loved reading your comment. Keep your the great work you are doing in your life. Thanks for the encouragement. God bless you.

  7. i agree that christians shouldn’t be tied down to only listen explicit “christian music” because to me there’s no such thing as “christian” music, there’s just music made by christian people, i think music in itself is all God’s beautiful creation so if there’s a “secular” that really is true and beautiful and ultimately makes you thank God and get closer to him ( which has actually happened to me) than i consider it christ-like. but regarding this song now having stated what i feel about secular vs christian music, okay so i don’t mind listening to a good and constructive “secular” song but this song i really don’t like because it takes a shot at the word given by our God, ultimately taking a shot at our God, so whenever this song comes on the radio i cringe a little just because it’s very blasphemous towards God, and not only that but people are giving praise to it and acting like it should be the new gospel (talking about non-christians) and that to me is like a boy coming to my house and dragging my sister out deceiving her and making her fall in love with him and turning her back on us, so yes even though he’s using beautifully put words, and a “good” message the purpose is still deceiving and not really constructive towards a christian at all i feel. there is secular music that i can play in the church that people won’t know at all that it’s not “christian” because it has a beautiful message, but this song even if it attempts to give a good message it is really just rising up against christians and the word so that’s why i really don’t like this song. and believe me i’m one of the most non-religious kid, but idk the spirit really doesn’t like listening to this song, and it has approved some j cole, drake, dare i say it kanye west, but not this one.

    • I understand where you are coming from. It is an anti-Christian message. Most secular songs won’t go as far as this song does. I see why you wouldn’t want to listen to it. Thanks for bringing that up. Good point.

  8. This song also bothers me because they try to say that you can’t change…even if you try. It’s pushing that idea into people’s heads, and sure it’s kind of true without Jesus but this song only perpetuates a reliance on shifting the responsibility of your actions off of yourself. What about all the same sex attraction strugglers who have changed? Or want too? It’s like a slap in the face and makes me sad..I am a strugglers to and it saddens me to see these things because it just further desensitizes us.

    • Great point. Yea, I don’t like that part of the song either. All things are possible with God, but people don’t want to hear that. They would rather hear this stuff instead. Thanks for making that point. That needed to be heard. God bless you.

  9. While I don’t think Christians should isolate themselves from the secular world. The songs lyrics clearly preach a clearly anti Christian message. While Macklemore and other secular artist can show us other viewpoints, I can’t show support in anyway to a person preaching against the gospel. That includes this song. I personally won’t entertain it because it is insulting. Listening to a song because it is “catchy” is not enough. In this case there are better alternatives for enjoying music.

  10. Hi Jordan, I really like your point of views but, I think you’re not completely right with what you’re saying. Just like other comments here I think liking this song and singing along to it is going to cause everyone to think we’re just like them. I listen to secular music and I’m even a fan of some people who are not completely committed to Christ, but I always try to stay away from thoughts and actions that are wrong according to the Bible, I have gay friends yes, but I don’t like the same things as they do, because if they see no difference in me, then how can I preach them a differente life? how are they going to want what I have, if I’m showing them just what they have… I don’t know if I’m making myself clear but that’s my point. And also, when I read this song I wasw completely upset, cause it just states what the Bible says is wrong, and uses a part of the Bible to back up his thoughts, which is compeltely wrong. If christian people wanna listen to the song fine… but I think it just makes christians look no different form the world. Anyways, In the bright side, I agree with everything you post on this blog, the secular stuff, gay marriage, just like I think it should be! God bless you!!

    • I can see how singing the lyrics out loud could definitely make others think that we support the message. Good point. Thanks for the encouragement,too. You rock.

  11. Even if I did find this song somewhat catchy, I would not allow myself to listen to it. My opinion is definitely biased, due to the fact that I do listen to secular music. A lot of it! I listen to country music all the time which often speaks of getting wasted, partying, as well as ungodly love. All of the stuff I have no interest in and that I am not for.

    You’re right, gay is a famous topic in the US and pretty much always has been. Several people that I graduated high school with have acknowledged that they are gay. As for my witness and my own being, I don’t agree with some of the music I listen to. This song definitely fits into that category by means of encouraging gay relationships. “I can’t change” we’re my least favorite words said in this song. Someone is not stuck permanently with being gay. God can change you from the inside out when your heart cries out for Him. For God doesn’t make one gay, that’s completely of the world we are living in.

    We can use the excuse of other Christians listening to country music, pop, etc and list it as “ungodly/secular” music types, just because they are doing it does not make it “okay”. I never want to give someone the impression that I am for something that God is strictly against. Like we remind each other often, “You may be the only Jesus someone sees”. What if you found Jesus with His feet kicked back listening to this song? We would be like, “Wait, but in the Bible He is against gay sin… Why would He listen to THIS music? It goes against what He said..” We have to be so very careful. The world is watching us.

    I’ll say it again, I have listened to and still sometimes listen to secular music that I shouldn’t, so I’m really preaching to myself here as well.

  12. I turn this song off whenever it comes on cause it makes me mad, though the rap part you posted is one of the parts of the song I actually liked. Also the part of the song where he mentions how he was scared he was gay when he was little cause he didn’t do certain “manly things”.
    The main thing I don’t like about the song is when he takes a hit at the bible, who cares how long ago the bible was written, that’s irrelevant!! its just as true now as it was then -_-

    • Yea, I agree that the knock on the Bible being old was useless. Truth transcend time period and the truth in the Bible is still truth. I understand why you turn it off. This is not a black/white issue. Some are right to turn it off, while others are right to turn it up. I’ve used this song to talk about Jesus with my friends. Thanks for the feedback. God bless.

      • I like that, reminds me of joseph, what his brothers intended for evil God intended for good, even through this song that bashes him he is able to help you use it for good!

        every time I go to this post the song gets stuck in my head, lol!… it has a nice tune =p

        • hahah. The song is catchy. God can use anything for good, but we must make sure to not go too far. Listening to this song seems ok, but I could totally understand some not listening to it.

  13. hi Jordan, after reading this, i agree to a degree. yes, it doesnt hurt to listen to it, to hear their side of this great debate over homosexuality. but dont you think that by you listening to this song, by you buying this song, that thats supporting something against your beliefs? Im having trouble wording this, so i hope you understand what i mean. As Christian, i avoid the secular music, i dont buy the sings or listen to it on the radio or even watch the music video bc theres no benefit to me at all. its a negative influence and i dont need that. same thibg w/ tv shows. ive cut a lot of tv shows out bc i just dont need to hear all those sex references & such. this might seem drastic but i feel like by you listening & buying this song would be like me donating money to an abortion clinic or something. hope this made sense, sry for all the grammatical errors, im on my phone.

    • I totally agree with what you are saying. I feel like I am going against my beliefs by listening to it and I feel like I am supporting it.

    • Hey Rachel. I respect your decision to not engage with anything secular. That is a bold stance and I think it’s great that you do that. And I don’t think I’m feeding the anti-God vibe this world is creating. That vibe doesn’t need my help to make it bigger. It does it on it’s own. I’ve used this song to start many profitable questions about God. I can use it for the glory of God. This song doesn’t affect me by leading me away from God,too. Good question!

      • Okay, I can agree with using the song as a way to talk with others about God and to glorify him. But do you really need to purchase the song to do that? By paying for the song thats giving money to that said artist who is putting your own beliefs down in this specific case. I understand what you’re saying when you say, How could me paying for one song be feeding the anti-God vibe? But it is, even though you’re just one person. You’re one more person supporting it all.
        Another way I look at this is that all I have, my possessions, my money, my gifts/talents, etc, is His. It’s all His none of this stuff is mine. I’m so fortunate that he lets me use this stuff! He wants me to use it for his glory. So it would be counter productive for me to turn around and put it towards a cause or person that isn’t bringing Him glory.

  14. Hello! I have been reading your blog for a while now. And I love this post because I have just recently heard this song today. How can I enjoy this song when Macklemore seems to be against the bible? I was particularly offended by that part. If he can portray his beliefs, why can’t I do the same? I mean suddenly he has fame and now he says his opinion. He wouldn’t dare say it before and make it public. The moment he becomes famous is the moment he lets his political thoughts known.

    • Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate it. And I agree that you have the right to express your thoughts just like he does. God bless.

  15. It gets me how he says “We paraphrase a book written 3500 years ago” … then proceeds to repeat “Love is patient love is kind” over and over and over…paraphrasing and doing the same thing he was upset about eailer in the song. Thusly misrepresenting scripture which bugs me because the vast majority know that’s from the bible but don’t know the rest of the verse. Just sends the wrong message that love is basically nice when in fact it rarely is nice. God is love, Jesus is God incarnate thus Jesus is Love. Yet Jesus was rarely “nice” but he was ALWAYS good. Idk I don’t agree with gay marriage, I also don’t agree with how the majority of Christians treat and interact with homosexuals. However when a song gains popularity like this it sends a message about Christians, mostly negative. One thing Makelmore gets right is “Only we can change us” so Christians have to be the ones to change the negative stigma.
    One can like this song and sing along to it on the radio…but I feel that buying or downloading really will help fund this message of “its all good the bibles old and none relevant”. Personally not a fan of the song…now put on some IMMA POP SOME TAGS.. I’ll boogy all night

    • Excellent points. It bugs me too that he misrepresents the Bible. And I see how me buying the CD feeds the message that the Bible is old. Interesting point. Thanks for your input.

  16. I agree with all you said. I think the song is powerful and forces us to look at the subject from a different point of view, which is something us believers have a hard time doing sometimes. Although its not biblical, I think it’s something that is personal and all we can do is love and further our understanding of it all in order to guide people towards the Father. I listen to some secular music, it doesn’t change my actions or my heart, but I have learned to instead appreciate the talent and effort the artists put into. Well said Jordan! I love all of your blogs!

    • Amen, Rusti! I have the same approach to secular music and see the same results. I’d understand if someone doesn’t listen to secular music. Thanks for the feedback!

  17. I agree that we should know about our culture but that can be done through reading lyrics or articles etc, I do not think that we as Christians should watch/listen to anything secular or that could draw us away from God. There’s a verse in the Bible that says so whether you eat or drink, whatever you do, do it ALL for the glory of God. That includes listening to music and what you watch on tv.

    • That’s a pretty bold stance. I respect your decision to cut off anything secular. That takes commitment. However, if you don’t interact with anything of this world, then how do you expect to have a conversation with people of the world? Do you expect people who don’t believe in the authority of the Bible to listen to you talk about the Bible? Engaging yourself with aspects of culture are powerful and effective avenue for us to talk about Jesus. Just my thoughts.

  18. There is nothing wrong with liking this song, in fact I believe as “Followers of Christ” we should be exposed to these things. We cannot defeat an enemy that we are ignorant about. We have to study and learn every aspect of how this enemy can and will infiltrate the system to corrupt the minds of this up and coming generation. The Bible states that homosexuality is an abomination and clearly this issue is growing and becoming more widely accepted. Think about it, even in the days when Jesus walked the Earth in flesh I am pretty sure there were homosexuals then. I believe that we can share our beliefs with people, however if they chose not to accept the truth, which is the word of God, then we as believers should not be constantly shoving down our beliefs down their throat to force them to believe. Jesus gave man free will and choice to believe in Him or not.

    • I really liked “We cannot defeat an enemy that we are ignorant about”. I agree completely with everything you said. Amen!

    • Ariel you make a good point about not being ignorant but that does not mean you can/should like the song. Listening to Bill Maher or Seth McFarlane and their secular views is one thing for example but liking it is way off course and completely different just as it is with songs like “same love”

  19. Is it okay to like a song that says, “Jesus is dead, not alive. He’s a dead God. Those pages lie. Peace is believing in yourself, nothing higher. It’s all lies. Be a good person, that’s all you need. Salvation is nothing but imagination, a cotton candy dream,” and use your same kind of logic?

    Garbage in, garbage out, right? …especially to some weaker Christians. Vile or sinful content of any kind can even weaken the strongest Christians. Favoring that kind of content and making excuses can be very harmful to some believers and many of the lost. It’s the incredible power of deceit from the world and the king of the world, Satan.

    If Jesus heard that song, is there evidence he would say, “I enjoy that. Put it on repeat. It’s wrong. But I want to listen again. It has a good beat and shows an alternate viewpoint.” — or would he say something closer to, “This song is a contradiction to my Father’s Holy Word. I can not approve of this song because it has a partially good message; that is like me approving lying because of the possibility of a good outcome. Lying is wrong; this propaganda is against the holy truth. Supporters of this song strengthen the opposition to my Father’s word; the followers of this song use it as a weapon against me.”

    • Good points, Christian. Are you of the opinion that Christians should avoid anything secular, including television/music/movies? Thanks for the feedback. I’m sorting out my opinion on the matter, so your thoughts are much appreciated.

      • I understand; it’s healthy to think, re-think and read different viewpoints to understand how you feel or should really feel on a particular topic. I’ve done it many times, and I’ve changed so much from it.

        No, I’m not of that opinion. But listening to songs with content like, “I’m sad because my girlfriend broke up with me”, “jingle bells, jingle bells”, and “having fun with the boys, 4-wheelin’, high fivin'” is different than listening to, “being gay is okay! The Bible is outdated.”

        This is the same with TV shows. Watching Spongebob is different than watching The L-Word or something overly sexually explicit that could be thought-provoking, leading to sinful actions or sinful thoughts. It’s better to steer clear of stuff like that.

        I’m not saying you have to watch To Save A Life and Fireproof 24/7. It’s most likely acceptable for most people to watch Shrek, The Dark Knight, Lord of the Rings, etc. But The Hangover (then 2 and 3) and Beerfest? WWJD? There’s a difference between watching or listening to something else for research purposes (like to write this blog or understand a concept better), but for entertainment? “Oh, The Hangover was funny! I gotta see the second one!” No. You should know from the first one that it’s filth. You should actually know from the trailer that it’s filth. It shouldn’t be part of your desires. Your desires should focus on something higher and purer. Again, WWJD (that is not an outdated concept)?

        Now let me admit two things: One, I am not anywhere NEAR innocent when it comes to this topic and these things. I’m only interpreting what I think the Bible says and the Holy Spirit leads. I watch and listen to and like many things that I shouldn’t. My desires aren’t totally focused on God and goodness and purity. I am human. But when I consume this sort of content, I feel sideways. I feel hollow. I feel convicted. I feel guilt. I feel the need to turn away. These feelings all come at different intensities, but they’re there. And that’s the Holy Spirit. I back that feeling up with the WWJD concept and what I know from what I’ve read of the Bible. Consuming content because of desire/entertainment is not the cure for being ignorant of unGodly things. It’s an excuse. When we start to like unGodly content more and more, we get weaker and weaker in one way or another.

        And two, Same Love is such a beautiful song. I didn’t like it at first because of the content, but Mary Lambert has a BEAUTIFUL voice; that’s an unavoidable fact (opinion really, but c’mon). And Macklemore’s conviction and belief in love and equality is also powerful, somewhat inspiring, and convicting. He’s really standing up for something he believes in, and I can understand why. The world makes it so easy to believe that. He seems to have a good heart. That doesn’t change that the content is absolutely wrong and maybe even vile in God’s eyes. The more this song touches people, the more they’re led away from the gospel.

        Again, the song is really catchy and a little touching and just a nice in so many ways. But you know Eve? She was offered the most desirable fruit. Just remember that sometimes Satan plays the sweetest music and sings the prettiest songs.

  20. Hey, I also have heard this song. I find it catchy, but the idea of gay marriage is an abomination to our Lord and Savior, therefore, it needs to be an abomination to us. Meaning, we need to stay away from lyrics that can pull us into that mindset. Yes, it sounds all sweet and peachy, we should all love one another, there is no doubt about that. But just as you quoted; we need to be in the world not of the world. I think that God is saying that there needs to be a CLEAR separation from what Christians hold dear and what the world holds dear. Let’s stick to songs that Glorify God (Whatever you do do it all for the GLORY OF GOD), and leave the secular stuff to the secular people. I do NOT believe that we have to know all about pop culture to be an effective witness to the world, in fact I believe the exact opposite to be true. We need to be a shining light in a ever darkening world, and how can we do that if we’re simply blending in?

    • Great feedback, Deanna. I understand where you’re coming from. I completely agree that what we hold dear must be different than what the world holds dear. Is it blending in when you like a 3 minute song? I don’t drink alcohol, don’t have sex, don’t do drugs, read my Bible often, and go to church. I also like this song. Is that “blending” into the world? Of course not. Paul even quoted from a secular poem (Acts 17:28). Paul read secular materials. What are your thoughts? I’m still thinking through this topic, so your feedback would be much appreciated.

  21. I think your stance is partially true; the song in itself will probably not harm a dedicated Christian should they choose to listen to it. However, we are called to be a witness in all manner of our lives, and that includes what we listen to. Suppose someone heard simply that I think Same Love is a good song with no other facts? They will naturally think either that I am okay with homosexual relations or that I am indifferent, neither of which I should be as a Christian. I believe it comes down to being a witness in all manner of our “conversation”, as the bible calls our daily walk. We shouldn’t listen and entertain questionable music so as not to take a chance on jeopardizing our witness before others.

    • Good point, Noah. We have to make sure we’re representing Christ in all areas of our lives. I would make sure to explain to everyone that I don’t support gay marriage. I assume you’re advocating for Christians to only listen to Christian music. Is that right? Just wondering. Thanks for the feedback!

      • What I am advocating is mortifying the flesh daily and checking each of our practices to see if they are drawing us closer to the Lord or making it harder to do His will for us. You say we must investigate and experience the world’s activities to properly witness to them, but I don’t see that found anywhere in scripture. Every single apostle actually did completely leave their regular job and every single moment of their life from then on was dedicated to serving Jesus Christ. Should I be watching the new kinds of porn as well so I know how to approach those kinds of people? You have to draw a definite line of right and wrong or it is always variable. There is no where in scripture where we are told to make small talk with the world about their practices, in fact, we are told to be a light to them in every single thing we do! I do eschew most worldly music and I am constantly filtering out things in my life that God makes it clear are not glorifying to Him.If you enjoy the occasional sappy love song or peppy pop hit, as long as it doesn’t carry an ungodly message or promote non-Christian views then I don’t see any harm in it. But as soon as we recognize a work which is capable of drawing souls away from submission to Jesus Christ then God has made it clear that it is our duty to rid ourselves of that influence.

      • I see what you’re saying but I don’t think you actually understand the message that it brings to others. Honestly, I’ve heard the song and it is a good song, but the person in it is lost. If you listen to it and hear where he is coming from then so be it. My best friend is bi-sexual so of course, I have heard this song multiple times lol. But here is my problem with your stance, I’ve followed you on Twitter for awhile now and I liked your posts up until a few months ago. It seems like you’re just trying to start a creative discussion, but your views seem to be the only ones that matter. You cannot have an open discussion if you think your views are the only ones that are right. Would Jesus listen to this song? Probably not because it makes sinners participate into sinning behavior. I know we can not avoid any of this as christians, but we can be a better influence on others. You have a good opportunity to be a person of good influence. I think God will judge you differently than He will on judgement day with someone who doesn’t preach and just sits in the back row every sunday. If you basically say that same sex relationships are okay (WHICH YOU ARE DOING BY PROMOTING THIS SONG) then you are not standing up for what God stands for. (Sorry) God is a God who wants holiness and I’m not saying that you are unholy, but when you listen to this song and start to enjoy it, you’re giving into your flesh. I listen to secular music but you have define what you think is secular… To you it seems like any song is considered secular that doesn’t have a label of christian music on the genre. To me any love song is a love song to my king, He is the only love that I have ever known. I try to avoid shows that are a bad influence on my faith, I normally stick to watching Reba, some Disney shows, but I just don’t watch much TV. I refuse to watch movies with the word GD in it, and I normally watch a lot of movies that are PG or PG-13 because nowadays, that is the only choice you have. For someone who doesn’t drink, cuss, do drugs, then I would say you’re doing okay…. But that isn’t what being a Christian is about, Jordan. It is about denying self and transforming your life and following Him. Again, I have nothing against “gay” people, I am against it because the Bible says “relationship between man and woman only”, I love them as an individual and I treat them like a normal human being. I’m all for gay rights meaning a parent paying child support and all of that, but I cannot say “yes” to gay marriage or this song because it isn’t what my God says is right and holy. Do I want them treated poorly? Not by any means, I want them loved by the christian community and cared for and helped, even. I want them to know that there is a God and He loves them. Go ahead and love them but be careful about what you promote, Jordan. You may know and understand what you believe in, but you will definitely get others confused. I understand where you are coming from but you cannot be taken seriously by others by saying that your support this song. Again, good harmonies and the lady has a great voice in the song, but all I hear when I hear this song, it isn’t just good music, I hear two souls that are lost and I want them to know our Savior, Jesus, and what He is all about.

        I am 21 years old and I am still saying this because I am standing up for what Christ stands for.


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