Being a student in high school comes with many issues. Dealing with these issues is harder when we feel alone or outside of the popular circle. A huge problem happening in every high school, college, and anywhere people gather is the problem of wanting others to like us.

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In other words, we want to be popular. We may look popular people and see the joy they have and you work really hard at trying to get that joy for yourself. We think that joy in being popular will bring you satisfaction. We tend to dwell on what others have and not being grateful for what we have.

We tend to be eager to make changes to be popular, while we don’t have the same enthusiasm to change for God.

We look and see other people and how they live their life, instead of remembering that living for Jesus is what really matters. We need to spend our time thinking about what we can do for Jesus, not what we can do to be popular. Let’s think about what we can do to repay God for what He has done for us.



There are also times where fitting in with others seems like your only option in life. Realizing living for God, our Maker and Creator of the universe, is all that we need to fill our hearts. He created our hearts, so only He can fulfill our hearts. We would feel better knowing that God is their to fix things for us and is what our life is meant to be about.

There is always going to be those temptations in high school where you think God can wait.

Meeting our needs is something that everyone struggles with. We think that meeting our need of being popular will make our life so much better. People alone can’t bring you true satisfaction, only God can do that.

Spending your time and effort with God, asking Him questions and being ready for the answer is what we need to focus on. Knowing that the all-powerful God has a personal relationship with us gives us that reassurance that we need. God, not people, needs to be the main instrument of influence in our lives.

Think about how much more God can change your life than people around you. We can’t live our lives doing things that isn’t right in God’s eyes.

We should live for Jesus, not those around us.

Fitting in with others shouldn’t be a necessity to have a good life. True joy comes from knowing that God will bring you good news in knowing how to live a fulfilling life.

What can you do to take that mindset off of fitting in with others?

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Shawn Loon

Shawn Loon

Shawn Loon is a Junior at Cypress High School & a student leadership member at Cypress Church. He also enjoys playing baseball & basketball.
Shawn Loon

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