If you don’t know how it feels to be an artist in a university, let me enlighten you…

It’s like sitting in a room of 5,000 diverse people, which, to your art-fueled mind, is like sitting in the worlds greatest playground.


Someone of great prestige and doctorate level power walks on stage and begins a speech on the importance of a college education and how “only those who graduate succeed.”
Even though this is rarely a reality, this is how it feels.

Welcome to my mind.

Upon further inspection of how I was interpreting those words from these academically lofty men and women, I was reading to much into what they were saying. I’ve found that the actual words they use are, “college is important.” Which, to my gasping belief, is actually different than “only those who graduate succeed.”

I am learning that my mind works differently than a lot of my friends, family, and co-workers. I am a puzzle solver, a mystery maker, and a day dreamer of epic proportions. A lot of artists struggle with the same traits that make them an academic outcast, which can be summed up as: we (artists) are different than you, which makes us a diverse human populous.

Something I want you to take away from this is that our culture has shaped how we pursue academia. I have not been lied to, but I have misunderstood a fundamental message from many well trained advisors: college is important.

Your late teens to early twenties are an instrumental part of your life where many of your decisions will shape who you become.


couple at home using laptop

I have confidence that my childhood dream can be a career for me.
I have spent four years in college, at a few different schools, hosting many late nights for papers and seemingly pointless assignments. These have actually helped shape my decisions and goals, even as a still maturing young man of God.

I know many of you might disagree with these words, and honestly, I actually would encourage it! If you disagree then you have learned what it means to have an opinion; your opinion. Don’t lose that. And for those of you that agree with me, that’s great, but encourage those that are also struggling to maintain their scholastic endeavor. Be helpful to your friends; encourage their dreams. College is a culture, so learn from it.

I want to learn from a culture, not a classroom.

While a university might not be for everyone, do not give up on school because of some random blogger’s opinion. Trade schools are invaluable and very effective; look into those as a resource if a large university isn’t hands-on enough for your creative mind.

Garrick Fieger

Garrick Fieger

Even though I'm poor an I have loans soon/now, I can still afford new jeans. Which means God is good and provides for me.
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