I want people to know a certain version of myself, not the one with deep emotional wounds that I hide from others. Most people know nothing of these wounds and I want it to stay that way. Being around Christians can actually encourage this destructive behavior.

I’ve had Christians tell me to just smile through the pain and give God the glory by not talking about my struggles, but that is a load of crap.

God isn’t glorified when I’m lying to Him, myself, and others. We should be okay with having problems, but we’re not.

We, as a culture, long for bystanders to admire and envy us.

We’ve created a snowglobe of a world where we photoshop all imperfections from our photos and photoshop all our emotional imperfections by holding them in.


We want to be perfect, or at least look perfect, no matter the cost.

We desire people to think we’re perfect, even though we’re no where near being perfect, but we can’t tell anyone because then they’ll see the real, imperfect us and we can’t have that. So, we hold in all our problems and we become a ticking time bomb that will soon explode.

We create this seemingly problem-free world with countless underlying problems and we wonder why kids are depressed.

If we talk about our problems, then we feel like a problem for people. We don’t want to inconvenience people with our junk, so we just hold it in. Again, we’re ticking time bombs. Those problems will bomb up when we least expect it, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Maybe, just maybe, our problem isn’t that we not perfect, but instead that we think we’re somehow supposed to be perfect.

The Bible says we not perfect (Romans 3:23), yet we look pass those verses. One of the most profound things I’ve ever heard was the simple statement, “It’s okay not to be okay”.

If you have a pulse, you also have problems.

These don’t make you a freak, they make you human.

Everyone is dealing with problems and you don’t have to be alone in these dark hours.

Lastly, Jesus didn’t “smile through the pain” nor did any of the Apostles. Also, the Psalms is filled with example of people being authentic with their emotional.

God doesn’t want you to fake anything, including your happiness.

God is happy with you, even when you’re not happy.

It’s okay to not be okay.

Jordan Kranda
Follower of Jesus. Husband to Ariel. Master’s of Theology (Greek Track) Graduate. Future Pastor. Present lover of cheese, Blink-182, & watching sports.


  1. I completely agree. So many times I hear people, and sometimes even the voice inside wanting to hold it all in and not let it out, either for fear of judgement, fear of being seen as weak/frail, or even not wanting to be an inconvenience to others by talking about it. And thats the worst response to emotional turmoil. I constantly want to be that person that people can confide in and talk about the emotional pain they experience, because many people dont have someone to do that. And I myself was reminded recently how that even I can forget that I need to talk things out and seek comfort/advice, and an emotional implosion is just the type of result from holding it all in and pretending its fine.


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