Gay marriage is a highly debated topic and a hot button issue. If you support it, you’re praised as someone who values equality. However, if you don’t support gay marriage, you’re seen as a idiot and a hateful person.

Also, the gay marriage debate isn’t going away anytime soon, since It seems like every month there is a new state who legalizes it. Therefore, the Christian must make sure they handle the gay marriage debate in the correct way. Now, let’s move to what Jesus had to say about gay marriage.

Jesus said marriage is between a man and a woman (Matthew 19:1-8). He also said He didn’t come to abolish the Law –The Law says homosexuality is wrong in Leviticus 18:22–, but instead to fulfill the Law (Matthew 5:17). Our culture desires to change the idea of marriage to also include same-sex couples. What should the Christian do? It’s actually really simple: follow Jesus.

If Jesus is against something, Christians should also be against it. Jesus is against gay marriage, so I’m against gay marriage. I’ve voted against any prop that would eventually lead to a gay person being able to marry another gay person. I’ll continue to vote like this until gay marriage eventually becomes legal everywhere. When gay marriage becomes legal, I won’t care nor will I flip out, but instead I’ll go on living my life and living it for Jesus.


Through working at Disneyland, I’ve developed countless friendships with gay people.

Some of my closest friends are gay. I love them with all of my heart. We’ve laughed together, and we’ve cried together.

I’ve always been critical on how the gay community is treated by Christians. I don’t like how we, as Christians, treat gay people like the worst of sinners. It makes me upset.

This has led some Christians to unfriend me on Facebook or just perpetually tell me that I’m wrong. This doesn’t bother me, since I know I’m doing what Jesus did (Read John 8:1-11). My gay friends know that I love them & they have even said that I have truly helped them to see Jesus and Christians in a different light. They’ve also said they see that not all Christians hate gay people and, most of all, that Jesus doesn’t hate them, but instead He loves them.

I show my gay friends the love Jesus would show them.

However, I also must say the things Jesus would say to them. Everyone should have the right to do as they please, whether if that’s to be Biblical or to be non-Biblical, but I, as a Christian, ought to be Biblical with the vote I cast. I truly wish Jesus was ok with gay marriage, but He has declared gay marriage to be contrary to His will. I have absolutely no say in the matter and I just need to obey Jesus.

I’ve read countless articles and many books about arguments for how being gay is Biblical, since they claim that the Bible doesn’t actually condemn homosexuality. However, none have been worth the paper they were printed on.

In short, they sound good to those who haven’t read the Bible. These authors use Bible verses out of context to say something out of their own mind rather than seeking to say something out of the mind of Jesus. They produce trash.



Isn’t Jesus all about love and wouldn’t He want everyone to find their true love, whether if that’s through a straight or gay relationship? Jesus is all about love, but there’s more to Him than just love. We shouldn’t emphasize one attribute of Jesus over against another attribute, since this leads to an inaccurate view of Jesus. Another key attribute of Jesus is His holiness, which means He doesn’t and can’t be in the presence of sin. All people must rid sin from their lives, including myself and gay people.

Jesus values love, but He also values holiness. Click to Tweet

Jesus loves marriage, but not the idea of gay marriage.

Many people love the Jesus who says, “Love your enemy”, yet hate any talk about a Jesus who brings up our sin. This happens since we want a grandfather in the sky rather than a father in the sky. In other words, we want a God who allows us to do whatever we want like eat our desert before dinner rather than a God who sets rules and enforces them. Jesus is more concerned about making you holy rather than making you happy. However, making you holier ends up making you happier.

Many want the comfort of Jesus, but not the conviction of Jesus. Click to Tweet

You cannot have it either/or, but we must take all of Jesus in order to experience all of Jesus. He tells me that I can’t do lot of things I would like to do. The Christian life is about saying, “yes” to Him and “no” to sin. The things I want to do must become secondary to the things Jesus wants me to do. It’s not always fun, but Jesus and His love makes giving up my sin completely worth it.



Our culture doesn’t like any of this and will hate Christians for saying these things.

If you want to be popular, don’t be a Christian. Christians follow Jesus, who was beaten and murdered for saying extremely controversial and unpopular things. Therefore, Christians will not be popular. There’s just no escaping it.

If you want to be loved by the crowd, don’t be Christian. If you want to be loved by God, be Christian.  I follow the Christ, not the crowd. Christians will either be criticized for being Biblical or criticized for being non-Biblical. You’re either the fundamentalist Christian or the Christian who picks and chooses what you believe. Simple and plain, I would rather be criticized for being Biblical than to be criticized for being non-Biblical.

Dear gay people, Jesus and I love you. The gay people in my life know that I truly love them. What you do doesn’t determine how I treat you. I love you, regardless if I don’t agree with what you do.

Dear Christians, please be Biblical not only in your beliefs, but also in your behavior. Jesus said man should not have sex with man, but He also said that man should not mistreat man, including mistreating gay people.

What are your thoughts?

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Jordan Kranda
Follower of Jesus. Husband to Ariel. Master’s of Theology (Greek Track) Graduate. Future Pastor. Present lover of cheese, Blink-182, & watching sports.


  1. I agree with loving the sinner hating the sin! I just think that saying “If you want to be loved by God be a Christian” should be changed to “if you want the favor of God” because like you said, Jesus emphasized approaching others with the love from the Father over judging them.

  2. I have many gay friends as well and seeing how they struggle with how the society treats them, it really breaks my heart.

    I’m from Singapore, and as a new Christian, I struggle whenever I communicate with my gay friends. I love them to bits, and I know that if I support gay marriage, they will be happy and gladly receive my blessings.

    But I also know that Jesus love them more than I do, and His blessings for them are worth so much more.

    Thank you for your post! It brought clarity to my clouded thoughts.. Indeed, we can love our friends and love Jesus at the same time. Will be praying for you! 🙂

  3. Thank you, Jordan, for this article! It so eloquently sums up the Christian’s side of the argument. I will definitely direct people to this link next time there’s a debate!

  4. I’ve been studying this topic recently and I wanted to share what I’ve learned and what I believe on gay marriage. I think it is wrong, marriage should be between a man and a wife. I am against gay rights. I think that anythin that would be beneficial for someone to keep walking in their sin (gay rights) is not biblical and we should deny it. We are called to flee from sin, and it is wrong for us to pass laws etc. to encourage other people to keep sinning. That’s my take on it. I could go on for a while about homosexuality in general.

    • Lucas, I have an experiment for you to try. Choose to be gay, just for one week. I know you think it’s a sin, but don’t worry, you can choose to be straight again after the week is over.

      • That doesn’t prove anything. Maybe some gay people can’t be turned to bring straight. Maybe God want them to remain single, so that they can do other things. That’s beside the point though. The issue is sin, not whatever you’re talking about. Stick to the point. The Bible is clear. It’s not right. God loves them & understands their struggle.

        • I can appreciate your idea that God created some individuals to be single. But then it wouldn’t be too crazy a stretch to appreciate the idea that God created some individuals to be gay. You’ve heard all the arguments, I’m sure. But really the point of my response is to say that I don’t think God is always fair but I don’t think he is so unfair that he would make someone gay but then require that they remain single. Almost everyone wants to fall in love, get married, have children, grow old together, etc. Humans were created for relationships, including friendships, but not excluding romantic ones, for most individuals. My heart hurts for the gay or lesbian individuals who read that & really any of the stuff on your posts about homosexuality, especially the comments, & think something is wrong with them.

          • We’re born into a fallen world. We aren’t born perfect. That’s why Jesus says we need to be “born-again” (John 3). Sin RUINED our DNA & everything else. We’re not direct creations of God,only Adam was that. Babies are born dead & deformities occur all the time. If we were direct creations of God, those things wouldn’t happen. Being born gay is just another sign that sin ruined God’s design.

          • From my perspective, everyone reaches a certain limit to what they personally think is okay when it comes to sexuality. Practically all of us would agree that a 50 year old man having sex with a 12 year old girl is wrong. Some would agree that having multiple sex partners is wrong. Others draw the line at homosexual relationships. In all of these cases, you could argue that its okay because these people had a “longing” for the other person. I think all people, Christians and non-Christians alike, struggle with these temptations. Who is to say that one is worse than the others? Its all a matter of opinion. However typically, homosexual relationships are more accepted by society for various reasons. Many Christian men struggle with lustful thoughts for other women, while some women struggle with thoughts about other women. It’s not a flaw in the person, its a matter of choosing to either control temptations, or satisfy them. Differences in thoughts over sexual limitations shouldn’t be the breaking point of human relations. Neither side should be hating the other for what they personally choose to believe. Loving others is the key to gaining understanding. It’s not about winning the argument, its about winning the heart. The debate over homosexuality is so tense because in both cases, both sides feel like their livelihood is being attacked. For both sides, the topic is something that renders so near to their core values and thus their identity. I hope to see a day where more understanding is gained by both sides, and a day where people can talk, and people can be heard- Christians and gays alike.

            • Just curious, do you believe that the Bible is the Word of God? I do. My argument rests on that conclusion. God’s truth > man’s opinion.

              • Yes I do, I’m totally agreeing with everything you said! My comment it written towards those who aren’t Christians, giving them an alternative perspective to our values and beliefs. Showing that it’s not a matter of attacking people, but more of taking a stand on their actions. Sorry if that wasn’t clear! (:

  5. I have a problem with this, while I usually love your blogs, this one rubs me the wrong way. I am a proud conservative Christian. I do my best to live in a way to please The Lord. But with gay marriage, I hink we have become way too focused on this one sin. Current marriage laws allow atheists to get married and people like Kim Kardashian planning their third marriage because they are treating divorce like a get out of jail free card. The idea of marriage has changed so much over centuries yet we focus in on this because Jesus doesn’t like homosexual marriage.

    I know in the biblical sense, marriage is between a man and a woman. Well then don’t get married to a member of the same sex, but don’t take these rights away from others. The marriage we vote for today in legislature is not the biblical sense anymore, separation of church and state. Let them go on get married, get the insurance benefits and live their lives. It won’t affect you I anyway so stop affecting them.

    I am not perfect and I can never be, God is the only one who is perfect. If not caring whether gay people can get married and therefore voting for it so the fight can be over and we can focus on more important things is a problem and imperfection then so be it. I still ask for forgiveness everyday and know that God loves me unconditionally.

    • But if you allow homosexuals to get these rights, that is allowing them to continue walking in their sin and have good reasons to do so. That isn’t biblical. We are called to flee from sin, and not encourage other people to keep sinning!

  6. Wanted to ask, why did you put if you want to be loved by God, be Christian? God loves everyone, believer or non-believer. I was curious as to if it was just something you said to fill in the rest of the analogy. Just some constructive critism for you. I don’t want people who are non-believers reading this getting the wrong idea. But, besides the fact of that small detail you did include many examples of God loving all. Great blog post. It has opened my eyes, for judging gay people has been a problem of mine.

  7. Jordan,

    I go to a small, private baptist university. This specific university makes faculty members sign a “lifestyle agreement” that states they will not participate in immoral acts such as drinking in public, using drugs, and sexual immorality, including homosexuality. This caused many employees to resign from their positions. How do you view this agreement? Specifically the part about not allowing homosexuals to work at the university.

  8. Matt. 19:1-8 talks about divorce being a sin; the divorce rate in the Church is nearly 60%.

    If we follow what Leviticus says then if a guy has sex with a lady who isn’t his wife, he must be put to death. The Old Testament is law, the New Testament is grace. Jesus came to show his grace & love, no matter the identity of the individual. 🙂

  9. Hi Jordan! Great topic & one that the church & Christian’s are struggling with as everyone knows someone who is gay — whether they realize it or not. What you’re really talking about is separating the sinner from the sin, which is what Jesus did. None of us are forgiven or saved because Jesus approved of our sins or sinful nature. My mother taught me that being a Christian was a bit like riding a bicycle — it requires balance & you can’t lean too far to one side or you’ll tip over.

    It is true that we all have sin & being a Christian doesn’t magically cure that struggle. That said, the Bible is clear. John The Baptist prepared the way & Jesus was The Way. We are called to repentance as part of our salvation & that looks like us turning away from sin. A practicing homosexual continually repeats their sin every time they engage in gay sex. No matter how many states allow gay marriage, no matter how many TV shows & movies glamorize gay behavior, it will not purify or cleanse them. The Bible calls it an abomination because it is a perversion. People say, “what’s perverse” as though that is a relative definition. God’s laws are simple on this — sex was intended to be between a man and wife — any other sexual act out of that context is a perversion because it corrupts God’s design & intention. When he saw Adam was lonely in the garden, he didn’t say, “I’ll give him a male companion…Steve.” He chose Eve as his complimentary opposite.

    All people have personalities, sense of humors, intelligence & other attributes that draw us to them & those are the reasons we tend to like them. But, we should be careful for as Paul writes, “don’t be misled; bad company corrupts good character.” Jesus did walk among the sinners, but the first thing he told them to do was go & sin no more. We have to be honest in that is what God calls us to do. He calls all of us to obedience.

    The diificulty for every Christian is that none of us has a blameless walk, self included, especially me. God doesn’t love me or forgive me because I’m perfect, religious, spiritual or good. He didn’t offer me salvation for anything I did. All that God has given me & all that He offers me, He does out of His love. He affords all of us that love, no matter the nature or depth or repetition of our sin but He holds all of us accountable. We all have to answer for our thoughts, deeds & intents. Paul preaches about everything being permissable to a Christian but not everything being permissable & that if we continue in our sin we crucify Christ daily. What an insult to our Lord & savior. There is a legal notion that says ignorance is no defense when it comes to violation of the law. How much worse is it then to willfully disregard a law?

    I frequently think about the Church of Laodicea in the Book of Revelation & how disgusted Jesus is because it is filled with people who are neither hot or cold but merely lukewarm & how he wants to spit them from his mouth. Was Jesus lukewarm for us?

    The Bible speaks of a great rebellion, which of course is our departure from God’s laws & choosing selfish desires. The Bible says that in the end times good will be called evil & evil will be called good. The Bible says that in end times knowledge will greatly increase, as we have seen with technology. We see all of these things in abundance today.

    Who knows when the end will occur, but the Bible warns us that Jesus will come for us & return like a thief in the night — probably because we doubt he is real or that he will return us. When that time comes, there is an eternal plan for each of us. The Bible teaches that knowledge begins with fear of The Lord & we should fear The One who will judge & determine where we spend an eternity. There are only two options — heaven or hell.

    Christians should not engage in gay bashing & a gay person has just as much right to work & equal pay, enter into a lease agreement, or purchase a home, etc., but we do not have to be loving & accepting of their sexual nature & we do not have to dessensitize ourselves to their ideas of “normalcy”. It doesn’t hurt me if they get married, but I know it hurts them because it is a choice that separates them from God. We should love everyone enough to care about the sin that separates them from God, whatever that might be & we should focus on our own sins that not only separate us from God but prevent others from seeing Him.

    I don’t have the answers. All I have is my faith & beief in Our Creator & Jesus Christ who I owe my life to — literally. Dear God, please shed light on these difficult subjects for the body of Christ. We are struggling in coping with topics like sex outside of marriage, pornography, divorce, etc., & we need you more than ever. Don’t let your people lose faith in Biblical truth or promises. Keep our eyes forever on you Lord remembering that you are not slow as we understand slowness but patient — not wanting anyone to perish but all to come to repentance. Refine us with fire Lord that we may shine brilliant like a diamond — not for our benefit or gain — but for yours & yours alone.

    It is in Jesus name I pray! Amen!

  10. Hello Jordan,

    I found your beautiful article while navegating online about this topic. Our views are almost the same about the gay issue. Only is I do not know many gay people. I have two good friends they are a couple. The one I am closer to told me she is going to Massachussetts to get marry. Then my heart split in two pieces. In an act of love I hugged her and say congratulations. I have to be honest, I do not know what to do next because they are planning a reception for when they return back. I just need to pray to act in a way to honor God. Be blesss, Tania

  11. I’m Glad Someone Has The Same Position On Gay Marriage As I Do. Far Too Many Times Do I See Fellow Christians Being Terrible Towards Gay People. I Try To Explain My Position On Gay Marriage To Some People But I Can Never Explain It Well Enough. Next Time I Will Have Them Read This. You Have Been A Real Encouragement In My Life. Keep Up The Good Work, Even When Others Around You Ridicule You For It. God Bless!

    (I Have No Idea Why Each Word Is Capitalized, I’m Writing This From My Phone.)

  12. What about Asexuality: not being sexually attracted to either a man or a woman? Is this un-Christian? Is Jesus missing from one’s life if one never dates, and never has the desire to date or have sex? Many people believe that Asexuality doesn’t exist, but even for any psychological reason a person never has the desire to share oneself with another person, is this behavior still against Christian beliefs?

    • Celibacy
      I’m not sure if your question was answered, but it reminded me of 1 Corinthians 7. I see this not as asexuality, but celibacy- a gift from God. Paul is the author of 1 Corinthians. His purpose in writing was to motivate the Corinthian church to acknowledge the Lord’s ownership of them and the implications this had in their lives.

      Paul writes in chapter 7, “…An unmarried man is concerned about the things of the Lord- how he may please the Lord. But a married man is concerned about the things of the world- how he may please his wife- and his interest are divided. An unmarried woman or a virgin is concerned about the things of the Lord, so that she may be holy both in body and spirit. But a married woman is concerned about the things of the world- how she may please her husband. Now I am saying this for your own benefit, not to put a restraint on you, but because of what is proper and so that you may be devoted to the Lord without distraction.” (1Cor 7:32-35 HCSB)

      If you read all of chapter 7, Paul is stating that it’s better to not be married than to be married because if you’re not married you can devote yourself more fully to the Lord. Though Paul says that a life of celibacy is not for everyone, “I say to the unmarried and to widows: It is good for them if they remain as I am. But if they do not have self-control, they should marry, for it is better to marry than to burn with desire.” (1 Cor 7:8, 9 HCSB)

  13. Thank you in advance for reading my post.
    While I do agree that as Christians, we have been condemning people of homosexuality to a point where we are not acting in the steps of Jesus, I am one of the few people out there that believes that a case can be made in the Bible to support homosexual marriage.
    You brought up Leviticus as your source in the Bible for defining homosexuality as a sin. I hear Leviticus brought up many times but I would make the point that if the Christian church is going to bring up one law of Leviticus into play then we must treat all laws from Leviticus on full equal standings. If we are to follow this law then we must also make the case that we are not allowed to touch our wives seven days before their periods. We are also going to have to add not eating shelled fish to the list and figure out our clothing issue because we cannot wear clothing that is made from two different types of material….
    Another point I would bring up is that Leviticus states that a man shall not lay with the lying’s of another man. This was to determine property rights and ownership of the woman… that it is the property code that says a man cannot own a man as one man can own a woman.

    • Hey Bobby. Thanks for reading my post. And I see you brought up the “shellfish argument”, as I like to call it. That’s the number one objection I hear when I bring up the Bible’s view on homosexuality. This will actually be the topic of my next blog on homosexuality (no clue when I’ll write it though). I read a excellent commentary on Leviticus, which taught me a lot.

      In short, God told Israel to be selective with what they ate, what they wore, and when to have sex with their wife, since God was selective with Israel. Israel was chosen by God. The Old Testament frequently characterized Israel as God’s treasured possession. Israel was reminded of this privilege and honor through their specific and seemingly strange laws. This reminder would motivate them to live more for God and less for themselves.

      Why then don’t we follow these laws?
      God no longer has a chosen group, but instead, as we read in John 3:16, God now opens up His salvation gates to the world. The specific Leviticus laws bear no significance today. Therefore, we don’t follow. Our God is a purposeful God and every law has a purpose. The Law had a purpose. The Apostle Paul said that the Law was our tutor to Christ (Gal. 3:24). The arrival of Jesus changes things. We’re in a new stage of God’s salvation history.

      Sorry for the wordy response, but it’s a wordy issue. I appreciate your comment. I hope this helps you get a glimpse of why God made some weird laws in the Old Testament. They’re weird to us, but they weren’t for Israelites. They had purpose.


      • Thanks for the quick response to my post. If you post answers and I don’t get back in the next day or so please bare with me… I am way past my bedtime and have to be up at 4 am so I wont be reading anything till later afternoon tomorrow.
        I know that Timothy 1:9 is another passage brought up for the argument against same sex couples. The word arsenokoitai is used and has been translated all over the place to mean perverts, homosexuals, etc. From the context that is written it to me is discussing people who are in sexual relationships that are out of lust and adultery which are harmful and not in a principle relationship that glorifies God. What I am getting at if it is discussing sexual relationships that are not out of love which are sinful, then what about relationships that are formed out of love and commitment that also happen to be same sex relationships?
        Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

        • No response to what I wrote? Anyways, God is clear in Bible verses like Leviticus 18:22 and Romans 1:26,27: homosexuality is against His will. God said it once and He never changes His mind (Hebrews 13:8). God says homosexuality is wrong. Period.

          • I agree 10000000% on what you wrote, Jordan! I dislike gays with all my heart but I am not mean to them. I want God’s will and His will is for marriage to be between a man and a woman. Today’s society though, sickens me at how they have changed God’s view of marriage/sex which is beautiful!!!

          • Kaitlin – you dislike gays with all your heart but you are not mean to them? Tell me when that’s going to start making any sort if sense.

  14. Thank you in advance for reading my post.
    While I do agree that as Christians, we have been condemning people of homosexuality to a point where we are not acting in the steps of Jesus, I am one of the few people out there that believes that a case can be made in the Bible to support homosexual marriage.
    You brought up Leviticus as your source in the Bible for defining homosexuality as a sin. I hear Leviticus brought up many times but I would make the point that if the Christian church is going to bring up one law of Leviticus into play then we must treat all laws from Leviticus on full equal standings. If we are to follow this law then we must also make the case that we are not allowed to touch our wives seven days before their periods. We are also going to have to add not eating shelled fish to the list and figure out our clothing issue because we cannot wear clothing that is made from two different types of material….
    Another point I would bring up is that Leviticus states that a man shall not lay with the lying’s of another man. This was to determine property rights and ownership of the woman… that it is the property code that says a man cannot own a man as one man can own a woman.

  15. Well said Jordan. I’ve been searching for a CORRECT response from a Christian, and you said it perfectly. My message is the same… Follow Jesus. Do the things He did, say the things that He said, and treat others the way he treated them.

    Keep up the great work, and God bless!

  16. THANK YOU for writing this! My gay friends know that I love them, just like they love me even when I sin. Unfortunately, our society views disagreeing as being ignorant and a bigot. Following Jesus means having the unpopular opinion sometimes. Thank you for sticking with the Word and not the world! Very well said.

  17. I love that this is truthful, loving, and educated all at the same time because that is very rare. There were a lot of quotable moments (which I will be doing). Only I believe that God isn’t limiting love. He’s upholding the standard of love because gay marriage is a symbol of lust and it’s not even marriage because marriage is the symbol of Christ’s relationship with the Church and that certainly isn’t it. Otherwise I loved this and I really appreciate your thoughts!

  18. i agree 100% yes i 2 will vote against gay marriage cause i cant be for what Jesus is against BUT i will not be mean to them cause Jesus wants us to be loving and kind to all, Jesus said let the one without sin throw the first stone. I have gay friends also, i dont support their lifestyle but that doesnt stop me from loving them

  19. “Dear Christians, please be Biblical not only in your beliefs, but also in your behavior. Jesus said man should not have sex with man, but He also said that man should not mistreat man, including mistreating gay people.”
    You hit it right on the nose!
    This is basically the main point i’ve tried to tell people in my family (who are Pastors and Pastor’s kids mind you) who have mistreated and spoken poorly of gay people. Although I personally am happy with the ruling mostly because I think according to our constitution (not biblicly) it is a violation of a human’s civil rights (we cannnot deny a gay person a right that a straight person has). BUT I do believe in freedom of speech and thought, so people have every right to disagree. But people in my family have compared gay people to pedophiles or people who practice beastiality etc. and are terrified that if gay marriage is legalized then it opens the flood gates to legalize beastiality or pedophila that will create a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, which I think it so out of context, untrue and very ignorant.
    I always love what my mother has always said from the beginning (mind you she doesn’t support with gay marriage because it is unbiblical) But she is not afraid or in fear in the slightest about it because she knows that God is, has, and always will be in control. I feel that some Christian people (like my family) have lost some trust in God or forgotten that God is in control and knows what he is doing ALWAYS.
    Thanks for posting this!

  20. I’m a Christian as well and some of my friends/ family SWEAR that they go by the Bible, but they are so judgmental. They’re too quick to judge everyone else’s actions. Just because they don’t agree with how someone else is living their life, it doesn’t give them the right to judge. They’re not God. The Bible tells you to love your neighbor, but the things I hear and see everyday aren’t love, at all. How can you commit adultery, yet blame a gay for loving? It’s not right, it’s not their place. In my opinion, they should just accept that some people are different. We all don’t have the same preferences. And Jesus STILL loves us all the same. No one is asking them to change their sexuality, they aren’t contagious. We’re all human. Love is love. It really gets to me when people quickly judge something that they don’t understand or aren’t used to. And it’s not just sexuality; race, weight, culture, the way you dress, etc. The cruel words they say cause people to give up and it’s upsetting. It’s truly upsetting. I’m glad that someone else feels how I feel.

    • Thanks for your words! And I’m happy that you’re coming at this topic with love. More people need to be like you. God bless.


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