Kim Kardashian is a celebrity, who is famous for being rich. She is, let’s be honest, most known for getting naked.


And she is at it again. A day ago, I saw her name was trending on Twitter. Like any other day, I clicked to see what the big fuss was about. Then, I saw the tragic mess.

Kim wanted to #BreakTheInternet (which was also trending on Twitter) by getting naked. It was her idea to pose fully nude for all the world to see (again). She has done things like this before, but that doesn’t mean this is any less disheartening.

My internet is not breaking, but my heart is.

I have two main reasons for why my heart is broken.My heart breaks for the example she is giving to girls, especially young girls. You don’t have to get undressed to get someone’s attention.

Ladies, if the guy you’re dating pushes you too far, then push that brother out of your life.

If he only wants to text you when you’re texting pictures of you naked, then send that dude the text “Adios. Goodbye. Go away”. You don’t deserve someone like that.

I see far too many girls posting provocative pictures on Social Media with the hope of finding attention, love, and even a boyfriend. Their profile pictures are of their boobs or butts, not of their faces. They post pictures of them eating, but, most surprising of all, they’re showing more skin than food. They find their value in Instagram “likes”.

These girls need to understand that their beauty can’t be contained within a set amount of “likes”.

They shouldn’t go searching for validation for the beauty God has already given them.

You’re more than body parts, you’re a person. Never forget that.

If a guy wants to see more of you, show him more of your heart, not more of your body.

If he only wants you to show him more, then show that brother the door.

Someone better is on their way.

My heart breaks for how this encourages the objectification of women.

Many guys reduce women to nothing more than body parts. To these guys, women are simply a pretty painting, not a pretty person. When women talk to them, they aren’t listening. Instead, they’re looking at their body.

Pictures like this and things like pornography teach men that women are nothing more than sexual objects. They’re good for sex, and, if you’re lucky, cooking, too. This #BreakingTheInternet mess only encourages these lies.

Kim Kardashian is known for having a big butt, but she is more than that. She is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a person, but these pictures distort men’s already flawed thinking.

, New York, NY -8/12/14 Kim Kardashian and Daughter North Spotted in Soho -PICTURED: Kim Kardashian with Daughter North West -PHOTO by: Freddie Baez/ -FB_1027418 Editorial - Rights Managed Image - Please contact for licensing fee Startraks Photo New York, NY For licensing please call 212-414-9464 or email


These pictures only encourage men to categorize women by their physical appearance and not by who they truly are.

That girl at work who has an “incredible butt” also has an incredible personality. That girl with big boobs also has a big heart. The girls around you are more than their physical appearance, but you’re too busy objectifying them to actually get to know them.

You’re missing out, man.

Ladies, you don’t have to get undressed to get a man’s attention. Show him more of your heart, not more of your body.

Guys, don’t objectify women. Honor the women in your life, not because you want something from them, but instead because you actually care about people.

Jordan Kranda
Follower of Jesus. Husband to Ariel. Master’s of Theology (Greek Track) Graduate. Future Pastor. Present lover of cheese, Blink-182, & watching sports.


  1. You are wise way more than your years. It’s mostly middle-aged man addicted to porn that perpetuate the problem then younger guys think it’s the norm. Fifty Shades of Grey…please don’t go see this movie because it does nothing but promote the degradation of woman! Take a stand for yourself and show guys what you are really worth and maybe they will start taking the time to get to know your heart, your soul. Deep calls to deep!

  2. Jordan,
    Thank you for writing this. As a young woman who has sold herself short to guys on many occasions, I am starting to realize how much society has to do with that. To have a brother in Christ write something like this shows me that the world is not my identity, hit Christ. So thank you very much.

  3. Jordan, your blog (and Twitter) are two very inspirational things. I love how you are straightforward and tell it like it is, we need more Jordan Krandas in the world! Keep up the good work and keep the blog posts coming!


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