Recently, an article went viral about Kanye West scoring 106 points against a wheelchair basketball team. I saw many friends post it on their Facebook accompanied with hateful comments about him. They used this article as a platform to further condemn Kanye for their preconceived notions about him. When I first saw the story, I felt like it couldn’t be true. I know that Kanye has done some appalling things in the past, but I still found myself questioning this story. A quick google search revealed my inclinations to be true: it was a fake story.

Kanye isn’t the only victim of these fake stories. For example, I remember once seeing a fellow Protestant post an article that said the Pope had deemed all religions to be true and, of course, my friend used it as a platform to criticize the Catholic Church. Again, I thought the story sounded bogus and another google search revealed the Pope never said all religions are true. I’ve also seen stories about Rick Warren believing in Chrislam, which basically says that Christians and Muslims believe in the same God. Again, people used this as a way to voice their hatred towards Pastor Rick. Again, a quick google search showed that Rick Warren does not, in any way, affirm Chrislam.

Why are we so gullible? Why does this seem to happen all the time?

I think the issue is much deeper than our inability to use our mind.

What do Kanye West, The Pope, and Rick Warren have in common?

They have people who dislike them.

Kanye West has done shameful things and we will never forgive him for it. We love to kick a man when he’s down. We don’t want to believe he is capable of doing good things. For the record, I’m a huge Kanye West fan. I don’t agree with everything he’s done, but I’m rooting for him. I own all of his CD’s and I also think he’s misunderstood. I actually like him. You might be against him, but I’m with him.

Protestants and Catholics have butted heads ever since A.D. 1517 when some people voiced their disagreements against the Catholic Church and formed the Protestant Church. Protestant Reformers like John Calvin and Martin Luther are some of my heroes. However, It bothers me when Protestants bash Catholics by saying they’re going to hell or when they bash the Pope. To be clear, I firmly believe that Catholics are, in fact, saved and I happen to think the current Pope is a wonderful and inspirational man of God. He has done incredible things for the Church.

Rick Warren is a “mega-church” Pastor. God has used Rick to do amazing things for the Kingdom of God. However, people love to throw stones at those who are succeeding. I’ve heard friends say that they hated going to Pastor Rick’s church, Saddleback Church, for many reasons, but I knew they were bashing Saddleback before they even stepped foot in his church. They never gave Saddleback a shot. Just for the record, Rick’s books and sermons have profoundly impacted my life in many ways.

People have preconceived notions about these men and want them to fail. They’re rooting against them. Therefore, people will naïvely believe any story about them, as long as it supports their hateful view.

What the heck is wrong with us? How sick and demented are we that we’re actually rooting against people?

Proverbs 24:17 says, “Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when they stumble, do not let your heart rejoice“.

You should be with people, not against people.

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet (duh!) and stop all the hate in your heart.

Dear Kanye haters, he’s made mistakes, but maybe try praying for him instead of bashing him.

Dear Pope haters, I don’t believe everything a Catholic believes, but I do believe everything the Bible says, including the part about showing love to people. You might say I’m being too soft against Catholics, but I’ll just say that y’all need to go read your Bibles.

Dear Rick haters, stop throwing stones at what he’s doing and complaining about his “mega church” when your church is struggling to get people to come. Maybe, just maybe, people aren’t attending your church because your church struggles to live and love like Jesus, as your hate towards Rick leads me to believe. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t want to attend a church with people who didn’t show the love of Jesus. Check your own hearts, before you question someone else’s heart.

Dear Christians who root against any one of these men (or anybody else, for that matter), you might think your Biblical in your beliefs, but how about you be Biblical in your behavior. You’re a big reason people hate Christians.

Rant over.

Jordan Kranda
Follower of Jesus. Husband to Ariel. Master’s of Theology (Greek Track) Graduate. Future Pastor. Present lover of cheese, Blink-182, & watching sports.


  1. So… If I shouldn’t believe everything on the internet, why should I believe what you say about any of these people. Have you been chosen as their spokesperson? If Rick Warren doesn’t support Chrislam, let him say so. It’s in Prophecy News and other Christian publications how he said Christians and Muslims serve the same God. That is a lie! I can love Muslims without worshipping Allah. For some reason Christians are the only ones accused of hate. Didn’t 9/11 happen because of hate? God’s Word says DO NOT BE DECEIVED. Chrislam is a lie and deception.

    • I’m sorry but you are mistaken, Nancy. Muslims pray to Allah who was one of the many pagan gods that Mohamed worshiped. Allah is not the same as the God of Abraham that Jews and Christians believe in. Another of Satan’s lies is saying that he is.

    • My God is a Trinitarian God, while the Muslim God (Allah) is not. Therefore, they have a different God. I could go one about the differences, but this is just small example about the differences.

  2. After reading you article it seems that after every breakdown of these 3 men you feel the need to assert your personal view on them which comes off as if had to validate you statements. Your personal view on them is not needed and the facts should be enough to let your readers decide after for them selves, after all you of course said earlier in your is you article “”I think the issue is much deeper than our inability to use our mind.”” Here you are doing the same thing but in a revers role.

    Next you go on about providing a path to how to think and you use a Bible Scpt., ((which was very nice)) but then you go on and insult them by using this term to your readers… “Dear Pope haters, you’re a fool…”” nice way to back up what you just said previously…””but maybe try praying for him instead of bashing him…”” I see what you were trying to do but you failed by repeating the same mistake that you were trying have your readers correct.

    The article is well put and your facts are great. Lets try to lets your readers use the mind and not guided by your personal opinion about what you feel it should be.

  3. Thing about Kanye West though is that he is completely unrepentant and not even slightly remorseful for his acts of extreme arrogance. I have no issue with the others mentioned here and like wise Rick Warren has profoundly affected my life, but people who are arrogant and proud of their arrogance I have a problem with. Maybe it’s my issue but I do really battle to see any good in West.

  4. very inconsistent article, mundane and out of reality, in cases like this, it is very difficult, to help the author of this article, the only way I see is the importance of reading the Bible, the author has to do it, maybe so can discern between light and darkness. I encourage.

  5. I use to go to saddleback church and is the best church ever Pastor Rick is the best pastor Ever I’m move for California I. I can’t find a church like his church I miss his preaching he knows how we can apply what the bible says in our personal life he has the gift from God that no everybody can have Rick Warren iis a good man and has talent and the Holy Spirit guide him when he’s preaching God bless him and hope one day go back to his church again

  6. Great article and very informative. I do however have a comment on the Chrislam section.
    I do believe that we all serve the same God. My reasoning for this is that if everything is boiled down to the fundamental starting point, everyone of them believe that the universe was created and that there is a creator. Unfortunately things go very wrong from that point on and that is why I have asked the question many times ..”What if we all have it wrong?” I still believe in my soul that God the creator intended for things to be totally different but as he is a just God and gave us free will he has not yet got to the point where he feels enough is enough and will put a stop to all the craziness.

  7. I get what ur saying totally but there also needs to be a line defined between us and the worldwe need to love on people absolutely but we don’t need to stand beside them and be like them.we need to love all over them and show them that the love of Jesus is different then what the world has to offer. the Bible teaches us to be on fire for God not lukewarm and I think people just tend to be over the boiling pointeveryone just trying to figure it out no ones in the same place that you are on your walk with the Lordmaybe you have all Kanye West CDs but I sure would not buy those for my children…and I sure would not allow my son to attend Catholic Church and get confused on what I’m showing him at home about Christ and salvation….and I love Rick Warren and i would buy every book he wrote for my children to read. But I will also tell my children to stamd firm in their love for God, to love others in this world bit do not become part of it. Big difference.

  8. You might try Lecrae’s albums instead of Kayne if you’re really a Christian. I dont know much about K West’s music but I dont think its biblical.

  9. I don’t often reply to these rants but this one is so well done and well thought out, I couldn’t resist. One thing, though, that Jordan didn’t mention. When we behave so badly with unforgiving attitudes, listen to lies and spread slander and gossip, judge others, we are doing Satan’s work, not God’s. We may lie to ourselves to justify our behaviour but we can’t lie to Him. He sees all and we will all be held accountable if we don’t acknowledge our sins and confess them to Him. He already knows. He just wants to make certain we know He knows. I have defended Pastor Rick many times regarding the Chrislam thing. Sadly a few very well known ” Pastors” are the ones spreading the lies. How many different ways can we spell Judas? Motivated by jealousy and hatred. Spurred on by Satan.

  10. Just because people are called out for their actions doesn’t mean that the ones who are doing the calling out hate these people. There is such a thing biblical discernment that the Bible teaches that we are to do and that we are called to do, we are always to be watchmen for the truth, but in a loving way and not a hateful way.

  11. I am so tired of people telling Christian, they should not judge others action. The definition of the verb judge is, to form an opinion or conclusion about. So Christians can’t form an opinion. I understand no one should form an opinion before all the facts are in.

  12. I was raised Baptist and now Catholic. The Nicene Creed is the place to start to understand the Catholic Profession of Faith. I believe in the Father, Son, Holy Spirit. You don’t have to abandon your Christian beliefs to be Catholic. I don’t think Jesus or Martin Luther every hoped there would be 40,000 protestant denominations – thousands of small disconnected islands in the ocean. Having 40,000 churches interpret the Bible differently and 1 billion interpreting the Bible however they see fit – is this the master plans? Jesus prayed that they would be one as he and the Father were one. It’s always an issue of authority and trust, and removing any trust or authority away from a single church. We can try to discredit the Magisterium and bishops on the teaching authority of the Catholic Church based on Christ’s teachings, but it years later it lands back to their stance. One of the biggest is the idea of faith alone when the bible never uses the “alone” or “only” with salvation except when Jesus says he is the way, the Truth and the light and there is no way to the Father except through him. More on this:

    • Roman Catholism has added religion to Biblical Christianity, it is a false religion. Where does it say in the Bible that the Church is to have a Pope? Where does it say that he is to wear a white robe and hat? And that you are to kiss his ring? For centuries RC have persecuted real Christians. They have murdered thousands of believers for the sake of power and money they are just like the Pharisees of Jesuss’ day.

  13. I’ve noticed the same problem with stories about Obama. I have been guilty of believing a story without researching it. If someone says something negative about a person we like we are quick to research it and shoot down the lie, but, like you said, if there is a negative story about a person we dislike we welcome the ammo. Thank you for making us all a little bit more aware.

  14. I once had a negative feeling towards Saddleback/Rick Warren. From what I had heard, they were just like any other prosperity driven church. However, when I attended the Celebrate Recovery Summit this past year, I realized that this couldn’t be further from the truth. Saddleback is big, but not unjustifiably so given it’s attendance, and it isn’t decked out in gold and marble and excess. Everything on that campus serves a purpose and some things even feel a little inexpensive, such as their large tent rooms that they use for different services and classes. And Rick himself was genuine and passionate. The church has so many outreach and ministry projects that it spends most of it’s money on, some I didn’t even know any churches did. I truly was impressed by just how faithful, giving, and loving this church was. And EVERYBODY was on fire! While I still wouldn’t want to attend a church so large, personally, I can honestly say it is not because I found any of the charges I had heard against Rick Warren/Saddleback to be true. That place is being blessed by God because they are doing things right. (And they certainly are not a “prosperity Gospel” church always trying to empty your pockets.)

  15. Good points on your article! It’s always good to google and search controversies to have an informed comments. This week, I read comments about the Pope twitting that those who do not call Mary as their mother, are orphans. I must say that the commentaries of critics, including a very popular Christian magazine, presented very good Biblical explanations supporting their criticisms. So we should not also discount their inputs.

  16. I agree with what Jordan said. We Christians walk the talk We should display Love n not Hate. Neither should we judge lest we will be judged. Who are we to judge n only God can judge because He is our Creator

  17. “To be clear, I firmly believe that Catholics are, in fact, saved and I happen to think the current Pope is a wonderful and inspirational man. He has done incredible things for the Church.”

    You can’t be saved if you embrace the doctrine taught by the Catholics. They are a theological cult. You are saved through faith alone, grace alone, and Christ alone. Catholics believed in prayer for the dead. And they also teach Mary as the co-redemptrix, queen of heaven. The Holy Mass itself, in w/c they refer to the body of Christ their as the victim, and killing him every single day through their mass. I hope you do listen to RC Sproul’s teaching regarding Roman Catholics, listen to him. He is by far the best theologian alive today.

    • Ive listened to a lot of RC Sproul he believes in Reformed Theology which is a cult itself. Christ died for the sins of the world not the elect. John 1:29 and 1 John 2:2 John 3:16 etc etc etc

  18. Amen and amen. We have needed an article like this for a very longggggg time. And, you are 100% about Rick Warren. He is a Godly man and I enjoy attending his church when I am in California.

  19. I’m not trying to be a jerk here, but essentially you just became an apologist for people because you like them – not because they deserve to be defended. I agree with the sentiment of the piece, and regularly see idiocy on the internet by people who link an obvious satire piece to back up their views, all the while not realizing the article was written to make fun of them. My issue here is this – false accusations being made against someone should not turn them into a martyr. Your admitted preference for modern rap music apparently leads you to see the good in a man who possesses very little of it.

    I have a hard time taking your Tweets about how men should treat women seriously, when you support a man whose every effort in business and life demeans women for the sake of a dollar. His music, opinions, and actions depict a horrible portrait to our teenage girls who are coming of age in this era. I agree with you that great men are often attacked by jealous men (Warren and the Pope are fine examples of that) but Kanye isn’t one of them. In fact, he is often found to be the offender rather than the victim.

    • Loving someone doesn’t mean you agree with everything they do. I can love someone, while, at the same time, disagree with certain things they have done and/or things they are currently doing. Jesus loved the worst of society (scribes, tax collectors, samaritan woman, etc.), yet He didn’t agree with the sinful things they had done and were currently doing.

      I love Kanye West, while acknowledging that he’s done offensive and appalling things. There’s no denying that. I still root for him. I just adhere to a principle that Martin Luther King Jr preached about. He said, “Within the best of us, there is some good. While within the worst of us, there is some good”. There is some good within Kanye. I’m rooting for him.

      If you can’t take my tweets seriously, that’s fine. I’m not bothered by that. That’s the beauty of Twitter. You can unfollow me and go read someone’s else’s tweets. Truth is, I would unfollow me, if I could. haha.

  20. Thank you for a beautifully-written eye-opener. I am quite sure all of us at one time or another have been guilty of judging….and we have been judged by others. We really need to try our best to look at the world through eyes of love. It might be challenging at times, but it CAN be done.

    • You’re so right. I’ve been guilty of believing lies on the internet. I love how you said that we need to see the world through the eyes of love. Beautifully said. Thanks for your encouragement. God bless.

  21. Like the article, some really good points. Haters love even the smallest mistake… and for some reason ‘Christians’ preach forgiveness and do not practice it. They tend to focus a lot on the speck, never considering the plank. I wonder, is it the title they like… being called a Christian, but actually being a Christian is something completely foreign to them. My observation of the majority, anyway. My prayer has been that maybe by being an axample, maybe a few will see and that might change a few. Who knows, really. Not my job to change them.

  22. Nice article. I’ve been quick to jump on the bash-Kanye bandwagon, especially after news stories about him harassing a handicapped fan for “not standing up”…maybe there is more to the story, or it’s made-up, like 90% of the Lame-Stream Media now.

    I’ll be more careful in jumping to conclusions. Thank you for this reminder. Rock on, Jordan and good luck on your pursuits.

    • Thank you, Dax. Kanye is an interesting person. He’s down many things that are outrageous and unbelievable, but he still deserves to be given due process and, most importantly, he deserves our love. Thank you for your kind words. God bless.

    • We are not to judge salvation. That is for Christ alone. We ARE, however, to judge the fruits of Christians and the doctrinal beliefs of our church leaders. Rick Warren may be a nice guy, but his fruits are astoundingly concerning to many discerning believers. Those who are asking questions and holding him accountable are not necessarily haters — and in fact may be trying to hold firm to biblical truth by following the many Scriptural examples to rightly and correctly “judge.”

  23. Yes, I would agree we everything written here. I no longer have a desire to read or watch T.V just for this very reason, GOSSIP!! It is painful enough to watch the evening news and then add more gossip about high profile people. It is the desires of the devil to bask in this type of behavior!!! Christians, focus on what’s important, focus on building people up, prayer, and our eternal home.

  24. Well, this is a real eye opener. I feel a rant/write-up like this needs to be added as a manual to internet users, as much as we’d love to believe bad things written about people we don’t approve of, we should maybe take a step back, look at them through the eyes of people who love them, do more research and form our own opinion instead of going with the crowd.
    You wrote well.


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