The greatest kind of success is Twitter success. So, you have the ability to form a coherent thought that others think is decent and, all of a sudden, you’re God’s gift to Twitter. The retweets you get prove that you’re Twitter royalty. Do you sense my sarcasm? The sad truth is that these are lies some regard as truth.

Twitter can present the Christian with many obstacles to their faith in Christ. There are countless to list, but I’ll only list three major ones.

You tweet what you know will be received well (i.e. more retweets), not what you know God wants you to say.


You judge your Twitter “success” on how many retweets you get rather than on how much glory you’re giving to God.

Jesus would have sucked at Twitter.

Before the Sanhedrin, he spoke the truth, instead of what the Sanhedrin wanted to hear. Jesus always said what the Father wanted Him to say, not what an audience wanted Him to say. We need follow his lead.

Also, a little known secret about Twitter is that most followers of Christian Twitter accounts are girls. In fact, 79% of my Twitter “followers” are girls. What does this have to do with compromising what you say? Well, relationship tweets, especially those specifically addressed to girls (i.e. “Ladies,…”), will get you more retweets than a strictly Biblical tweet (i.e. “God’s grace can’t be earned”). If you care solely about retweets, then you’d be tempted to just tweet relationship tweets. However, you can’t do that. Relationship tweets are great (I tweet them), but you can’t avoid Gospel-centered truths, as well.

You put the focus on yourself, rather than your Savior.



Your Twitter becomes more about you, not about your God. You take the glory that is due to God and you keep it all to yourself. When you do a good deed, you immediately tweet about it. You want others to think you’re awesome. You tweet about your success, not your sin. You want others to think that you have it all together, when, in reality, no one has it all together. We’re all sinners in need of God’s grace to get through our day.

You also like to tell others about your “followers”. I don’t call or think that those who follow my Twitter are “my followers”. Doing so, increases my likelihood of becoming prideful. I usually describe my “followers” as “my friends on Twitter” or “connections I’ve made through Twitter”. Also, whenever I met someone who brings up how I have a decent amount of Twitter “followers”, I just say something along the lines of “It’s just my mom and her friends”. I make a light-hearted joke and quickly change the subject. I’m not a Twitter stud. Dwelling on that lie will only ruin my relationship with Jesus.

People idolize you, which can mess you up.

Concert Crowd


This is by far the fastest way Twitter can ruin your Christianity. When you have a Twitter account, you get Twitter “followers”. The greater amount of “followers” you have, the greater the chance you will be corrupted.

This attention has the ability to make you think you’re better than you truly are.

Your “followers” will constantly shower you with attention and they’ll say the nicest things ever. Personally, I’ve heard incredible things from my friends on Twitter. They’ve said how God did great things through a crappy tweet of mine. It’s humbling to know God works through a sinner like myself.

Also, the elephant in the room needs to be addressed. Like I said, most Twitter followers of Christian Twitter accounts are girls. The compliments from girls can really turn you into a monster. You constantly hear compliments like, “You’re my dream guy”. All these compliments can really puff up your pride. However, you’re not as great as you think. Your pride is the same pride that caused Satan to fall from Heaven. Don’t allow the same to happen to you.

I don’t let these complimentary tweets go to my head because I know that I’m a forgettable dude. I’m not the dreamboat some think I am. I’m not the perfect Christian (as If those even existed). I struggle with so many sins. I have friends at church who are stronger in their faith than me. Also, I’m not even the biggest Bible nerd in my family. My pastor brother (JayKranda) is smarter than me and he’s even better at social media than me. With all that being said, I’m not being humble, instead I’m being a realist.

I know my place in the world and that place isn’t on a pedestal.

If you have a lot of Twitter “followers”, then surround yourself with smart and Godly people who will humble you, not by their words to you, but by the lives they live.

In conclusion, Twitter is a great place. Honestly, one of the greatest joys is when I write a blog and God uses my simple words to help someone. That never gets old. Twitter has allowed this to become a reality in my life. However, Twitter can also be a horrible place.

Twitter can turn you into an annoying, self-obsessed, fame-hungry, pagan-living attention whore. Click to Tweet

I’ve engaged with countless people who seem like studs on Twitter, but they’re actually duds in real life. They’re so prideful that I would never hang out with them. They’re the biggest and most tragic losers. God gave them this amazing platform to glorify God, but instead they’ve used it all for the glory of self. Let’s use Twitter (and all of our social media accounts) in a God-honoring manner.

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Jordan Kranda
Follower of Jesus. Husband to Ariel. Master’s of Theology (Greek Track) Graduate. Future Pastor. Present lover of cheese, Blink-182, & watching sports.


  1. Oh my days, so true and it kills me to say i am guilty of this :(, and i didn’t even know it. I had read this once in passing when i read another post but i really needed it today because it’s been on my heart. Coming to think of it i think my last twitter accout getting hacked was a blessing in disguise becuase i got up to 3000* followers and boy did it get to my head! Thanks so much for this eye opener and i pray God helps me start afresh and use my social media for the right reasons…oh and thanks for sharing your testimony, just read it and it helped me realise no matter how much i try to run away from God or fail Him, He is still God and He is good and will never leave me< God bless u!

  2. Hi Jordan, just to let you know I’m currently sending you a message on facebook, I was gonna post it on here, but i wanted it to be confidential. The message should appear in your “others” box if you go onto your messages. Thanks 🙂
    Zak, 15yrs old

  3. Wow! I love your article. So honest, so real. You are right on. We are all sinners struggling. I struggle every day. I totally believe in God but am scared and embarrassed and question myself. I love reading articles from people who have a strong faith.

  4. This is very humbling for me, and I don’t even have many “followers.” The reality is that our best thoughts or moments are the ones we put on Twitter, and as you said, we don’t usually tweet about our failures or faults. Moreover if we start compromising the truth in order to be favorited or retweeted, where will we stop? We must be bold yet honest on Twitter, with the mindset of giving glory to God and not ourselves. Awesome blog Jordan! Thanks!

  5. I my self came to twitter for the music industry people.i dont want a big bunch following. how ever i have several that follow me i wonder why .they dont know me.i have to be not only responsible for my actions. In my claim to be more christ like. I try to keep watch and unfollow those that choose to be other wise. In him ronnie


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