Have you gone through changes that people can’t really imagine? They know you to be who you are today, but they don’t believe you used to be any different? Well, I used to be never different than how I am today. I just discovered something I wrote when I was 20 years old. Eight years ago. It was my goals for 2010. Here they are:

Good Posture

No Foul Language

Talking to people on the 1st day of class

Go to new years eve party to meet people

Defend yourself

Dress Better

Change Hairstyle.

Talk to girls on the phone

Get phone numbers

Give up soda

Give up Video games

Learn how to Smile

Learn how to Hug

Don’t lust

Be Confident

Make friends

Learn how to tie a tie

Read the entire bible

Be happy

Continue Therapy

Get a permanent job

It’s kinda hard reading that. The goal that stuck out to me was “be happy”. I was dealing with so much pain that I didn’t know how to navigate through it all. I was on academic probation at community college. I had seventeen numbers in my phones and they were all family. I didn’t have any friends. I felt so alone and hopeless.

Thankfully ,in 2010, I met Jesus, which changed everything. Everyone knows me today as an outgoing and energetic guy, but before I knew Jesus, I had to make a goal of being happy. To be clear, Jesus didn’t take away my pain or solve all my problems, but I do know how to navigate through my pain with Jesus as my lead. I’m feeling grateful to see Jesus work in my life and I’m excited for the future.

For the record, I still sometimes struggle to be happy and I’ll forever consider myself someone who occasionally deals with depression, but I’ve realized these are my strengths, since when I counsel people who are suffer, I truly know what it feels like to suffer and grieve, so I know how to effectively enter into their state of grief. Jesus used my grief to mold me into someone who can help those grieving.

Jesus changes things.

Jesus changed me.

If you’re suffering, just know that there is hope. You’re aren’t alone. There are people who have gone through similar things and have come out of it. Jesus is at work in your life, even if you haven’t accepted Him in your heart. Make goals, try to do things better, but, above all, rest in the grace, hope, and security of Jesus. There is no better place to call home than His embrace.

Jordan Kranda
Follower of Jesus. Husband to Ariel. Master’s of Theology (Greek Track) Graduate. Future Pastor. Present lover of cheese, Blink-182, & watching sports.


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