You should be happy for people.

Why can’t you be happy for people in a relationship? Valentines Day is a special day for many people, yet you have to make it about yourself. Many girls are gonna get spoiled and feel appreciated. What is so bad about that? Why must you make this day about your loneliness instead of people’s happiness?

I used to be bitter about Valentines Day, since I felt (and still do) that men shouldn’t just show their appreciation for girls on one day a year. You should treat her right and let her know know how much you appreciate her every day, not just one day. That still holds true in my heart, but I finally stopped being bitter about Valentines Day over that. That bitterness would be my first reaction to this holiday, but now I’ve replaced it with having being happy for people feeling appreciated. People are enjoying being spoiled or spoiling someone. That’s a wonderful thing. Be happy about that.

You should be spending your time doing something other than being bitter.

Bitterness can seem like a blanket that covers all of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Things that normally bring you joy don’t when you’re bitter. Your favorite show isn’t so funny when you’re feeling bitter. And we shouldn’t allow this to happen over something so small like being bitter because you don’t have date for Valentines Day.

When I didn’t have a date for Valentine’s Day in years past, I wouldn’t waste my time being bitter, since I have a Taco Bell within a mile from my apartment. Why be bitter when good food is nearby?

Go eat good food, or spend time with friends, or do your homework, or whatever. Enjoy your night. There are better things to do than being bitter.

You’ll soon spend a Valentines day with someone special.

You shouldn’t be bitter on Valentines Day, since one day this will be a special day for you. You can rant all you want this year, but maybe next year, if you’re a guy, you’ll be going through hoops to make sure it’s a special day for your date. And if you’re a girl, you might be whining about this “meaningless holiday” now, but next year you’ll be beaming like a light when a guy surprises you will flowers, a meaningful card, and a lovely evening.

In the past, I’ve been negative about this day. In fact, if I wasn’t with a girl by New Years Eve, I’d throw up deuces to the dating scene till February 15th (i.e. the day after Valentines day), since I didn’t want to deal with Valentines Day. I’d roll up to Taco Bell, order my food, and go home knowing I didn’t have to share any of it with a girl. I always had a good night. haha. However, this year I find myself thinking through how to make the evening special for a certain girl.

It sucks being a hypocrite, so maybe you shouldn’t be so bitter.

Being bitter on Valentines day makes you undesirable towards the opposite sex.

If I see a girl being bitter about Valentines Day, I’m immediately turned off. That girl looks as desirable as a girl who is a huge Nickelback fan. Needless to say, complaining about not having a date doesn’t make any person want to date you.

Do you think a girl sees a dude tweeting about how he hates being #ForeverAlone and thinks to herself, “Wow. I really love a man who can complain”. Nope. Never. The same goes for how guys look at girls. Complaining isn’t attractive and it’s unproductive, like I said before.

There’s more to life than being in relationship.

If you’re not happy single, you won’t be happy being in a relationship. Your complaining shows that you’re placing too much of your happiness in being in a relationship. You can long to be in a relationship, but being bitter about being single shows you should learn to realign your priorities in life.

C.S. Lewis once said, “Don’t let your happiness depend on something you may lose.

A romantic relationship shouldn’t be where you rest your happiness. Instead, place that happiness in Jesus. He won’t ever leave you, no matter how messed up you act. His love is greater than your junk. Your date might run when you tell them that you have an obsession with eating chicken fingers with mayonnaise, but Jesus already knows it and loves you regardless.

Jordan Kranda
Follower of Jesus. Husband to Ariel. Master’s of Theology (Greek Track) Graduate. Future Pastor. Present lover of cheese, Blink-182, & watching sports.


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