I’ve often thought that the only thing that would make my life better would be if I had a girlfriend. My life is pretty good, but it’s still missing that special someone. I have problems, but I think they wouldn’t seem so big if only I had a girlfriend. However, it’s unfair to expect a girl to solve all of my problems. That will only make her feel immense pressure and stress when we both realize that she can’t make all my problems disappear.

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If I think a girl can solve all my problems, then I’ve made her my number one priority. In other words, she is my solution. This is contrary to what Jesus said though. Jesus said that He needs to be our first priority in life (Matthew 6:33). If Jesus is first, then everything else in our lives will be better. Why? We were created by and for Jesus. Therefore, if we don’t put Jesus first in our lives, then we’re living contrary to what is best for us.

Our priorities should be God, others, and then ourselves. However, these aren’t our priorities, including my own. To be honest, my priorities are usually girls, girls, and girls. This sucks to say out loud – or write down. In fact, I’m ashamed of it. Jesus should be first in my life, but most of the time He isn’t even in my top five.

My main desire isn’t glorifying Him, but instead it’s getting with her. However, over the past year or so I’ve slowly been changing my ways. I’ve learned that true joy comes from living for God, not living for girls. Girls make life better, but they aren’t my number one priority anymore.

You might think that getting into a romantic relationship will be what will make your life all better, but you’re wrong. Relationships will only show more problems to you, instead of solving all of them.

You can’t expect two imperfect people to have a perfect relationship.


Whomever you date will see problems you didn’t even know existed. More problems will come, but the beauty of a Godly relationship is that you’re working through those problems together as a unit, all the while growing closer to Jesus. Your problems won’t go away though – you need to stop believing that lie.

Going into a relationship with the mindset of “this person will make my life all better” is also putting too much pressure on whomever you’re dating.

You expect them to solve every little problem in you life, to be the person who always brightens your day, and to be the person who does everything for you. No one can do all that, except God.

The person you’re dating will feel this pressure and eventually break down when they see that they can’t do solve all your problems. They can’t solve all your problems, but God can.

Put God first in your life.

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need” – Matthew 6:33

What are your thoughts about what I wrote? 

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Jordan Kranda
Follower of Jesus. Husband to Ariel. Master’s of Theology (Greek Track) Graduate. Future Pastor. Present lover of cheese, Blink-182, & watching sports.


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  2. Dating can sometimes solve your problems. One is if you are stressed out after a long week of working in the office. First dates can be awkward, but they don’t always have to be. An activity date may involve riding bikes, hiking, boating, etc. Dates of this nature encourage conversation and serves as an ice breaker.Try to find activities that you’d both enjoy and there will be plenty to discuss. Women often underestimate how much their visual presentation matters to a man. There is a saying in business that you should dress for the job you want. The same can be said for the man you hope to meet. No matter what a man will tell you, they all want a pretty picture of you. Embrace your femininity.

  3. It’s 2:43 am and I was asking God to show me what to do about my desire for a boyfriend and I came across your post. It reminded me that satisfaction in Christ is, and should always be at the core of my life. Without God, we cannot be our most authentic self. A relationship should not be about each other and out own desires, but on the Significant Lover and his desire for us.

  4. This post is just what a lot of people need and I’m glad someone finally had the guts to say it no matter how shameful it may seem. I have this problem too and this post was the conviction I needed. Thank you.

  5. I believe this is one of your best posts, dude. I’ve heard it said that your significant other won’t make your problems go away, but will magnify them. If less people bought into this lie, I think it’s safe to say, you would see a good number less failed relationships. Especially among teens. Great article, Jordan.


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