Spring time is upon us. This means hot weather, sandals, trips to the beach, and, of course, bathing suits. Which leads us to an interesting question. Should a Christian girl wear a Bikini? This is needs to be answered.

To be honest, as a guy, I don’t feel comfortable telling girls what they can and cannot wear. I believe girls should practice discernment on this issue and should talk to mature Christian women about this subject. However, I do think I could offer some useful insight.

Should a Christian woman wear a bikini?



This is a subjective question, since the conclusion will differ from person to person. However, girls don’t have to wear pants and long-sleeved shirts at the beach.

Most times, the problem is not with the girl wearing the bikini, but with the guy looking at the girl.

I say “most times” because sometimes girls can wear a bathing suit that is so inappropriate that it’s only inviting lust.

However, girls can wear a stylish and appropriate bikini, yet a guy would still lust. It’s not the girls fault that guys lust, so why should they be punished for it? If a girl doesn’t want to make guys lust, then she better stay home and cut off communication with guys. A guy doesn’t need much to lust. A girl could wear baggy pants, an oversized sweatshirt, no make-up, a hat and guys could still lust. Trust me.

Like I said before, this is a subjective issue, but two things should go through a girl’s mind before she decides what she will wear. They are as follows:

Your main priority should be showing your Godly character, not your skin.

The Bible says that girls should dress modestly and make their main priority looking good to Jesus by living out their faith, instead of looking good to men by dressing in a provocative way (1 Timothy 2:9-10). Dressing modestly doesn’t mean you wear a blanket. You could wear a bikini and still be modest.

Ask yourself why you want to wear that particular bikini?

If you want to wear a bikini to get a guy’s attention, you shouldn’t wear it. The Bible says that our bodies are meant to glorify Jesus, not ourselves (Romans 12:1). Also, you don’t need to show more skin to get a guy. You’re better than that. If a guy wants you to show more skin, then show that brother the door. You deserve a guy who loves you for you, not how you look in a bikini.

If you want to wear a bikini because you love fashion, you should wear it. I know girls who love wearing colorful and stylish bathing suits. There is nothing wrong with that.

If you have pure reasons for wanting to wear a particular bikini, you should wear it.

Girls should use discernment and use the guidance of mature Christian women on this subject.

What are your thoughts?

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Jordan Kranda
Follower of Jesus. Husband to Ariel. Master’s of Theology (Greek Track) Graduate. Future Pastor. Present lover of cheese, Blink-182, & watching sports.


  1. I am 13 and not allowed to wear bikinis. Everyone wears one and I feel left out. My parents don’t understand I want to wear it because it’s cute, not because I want boys to look at me.

  2. I am 13 and not allowed to wear bikinis. Everyone wears one and I feel left out. My parents don’t understand I want to wear it because it’s cute, nit because I want boys to look at me.

  3. I’m a teenage girl, and I wear bikinis. Personally, I do not wear them to show off my skin. Sometimes I’m actually worried that I am showing too much. I do not want men to lust after me. At the same time, bikinis are literally the most comfortable and easy swim suits out there. I don’t think girls should wear suits that show off their big butts or cleavage, but I do think that showing stomach skin is not inappropriate. Guys show their stomachs, so why not girls? Guys can show their backs, so why not girls? If girls have pure intentions in wearing a bikini, then it probably isn’t going to be a stringy, itty bitty bikini. The one I typically wear covers more than just underwear would. A lot more. If your goal is to show yourself off, then don’t wear one. If you want to tan your stomach, be COMFORTABLE, and go to the bathroom easily, wear the bikini!! Who even cares?? As long as you have pure motives then wear it! If you feel convicted not to wear one, then you would probably have the wrong motives if you were to wear one!! Some girls do not care about showing off. I do not at all. I would rather not, actually. But if you get down to it, bikinis are the most comfortable and easy clothing option. Again, why don’t guys get heat for showing off their stomachs? It is acceptable for Christian guys to show off their six pack, yet unacceptable for Christian girls to show stomach skin to be comfortable??? That’s ridiculous!! Quit the double standards and look at the heart! If a guy has pure intentions about wearing only swim shorts, then let him wear it. If all he wants to do is show off his abs, then he should wear a shirt with it!! Same for girls!! Sometimes, what you think is a big deal, reeeeeally isn’t a big deal at all for other people. I have never felt conflicted when wearing a bikini, and I have never wanted to wear as little as possible to attract a guy’s attention. I would never do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most girls I know who are Christians and wear bikinis DO NOT CARE ABOUT LOOKING HOT.
    I also swim competitively. According to many of these comments, my training and meet suits are not modest. Does that mean Christian girls should not swim competitively? I love swimming, and I am naturally gifted as a swimmer. Should I give up swimming since my back and upper thighs are clearly visible every day at practice and on the weekends at meets? I am there to SWIM. NOT to show off my body. No, there are no “modest” competitive swimming suits. They are nonexistent. There are knee skins, but those are very expensive and still show your back and shoulders, and they are EXTREMELY tight. The goal of these suits is to be FAST. It is to be as sleek and arrow-dynamic as possible as you dive through the water. None of my teammates, that I know of, have EVER had lust issues at practice or at meets. Why? Because none of us are there to show off our bodies. We are there to get faster and stronger and get better times. So what, does God want me to quit swimming because one of my teammates is lusting over seeing my back? No!!!! God has GIFTED me with swimming. He has made me a NATURAL swimmer!! Modesty is not about what you wear, it’s about your heart and motives.
    Back to the bikinis. Is it sin for a girl to wear something that she is not purposefully instigating? She isn’t doing it on purpose, just like you lusting after a girl’s smile was not her purpose. It’s all about the heart. If your heart is pure in what you wear, wear it. If not, don’t. It is that simple.

    • Like others, you first approached the subject from a lust prevention aspect: an error most prevalent. Second, you deny the possibility that there are inherent differences in attire expectations between male and female while completely ignoring the differences that these patterns also share with expectations of appearance between different types of angels – which are primarily spirits who manifest an image: both share symbolisms designed by God that are independent of what you think, how you feel, or what you like to do. Third, you appeal to pietism that reduces everything to a heart aspect with no acknowledgment that there are many things that attitude or intent cannot excuse. Uzzah had good intentions of keeping the ark of God from crashing to the ground when he reached out to steady it on the cart: God struck him dead for violating symbolism He instituted. Such an example is one among hundreds in Scripture where good intentions and attitudes of the heart are irrelevant to the issue. Your intention, motive, or feelings cannot negate what God first instituted into the very bodies of angels and later incorporated into expectations between men and women. Forth, not my will but thine should be your mantra. So many people excuse disobediences by claiming a special calling of God (no miracles included like biblical special callings or those that authenticated them had), being gifted at something, or that they fell into a “calling” through some accidental situation. Such alledged callings are not valid and do not override binding biblical concepts. Push back on the world (but it would help if you had a better understanding of why and what to push back upon). The rich young ruler had many things to boast of to Jesus, but Christ said, “Yet one thing thou lackest.” Do not allow anything, whether it be riches or swimming, stand in your way of following biblical teaching regarding gender distinctions and the human physique; especially teaching that has thousands of years of historical practice behind it. Do not expect the world to foster godliness in things it values because it seldom does. https://www.createspace.com/4305881

      • Your comment began with an overwhelming sense of smugness. So, I stopped reading your comment. You probably had good points but no one will listen to you if you sound like a know it all.

        • Injecting emotion into a statement of fact or observation is wise, especially if doing so is used as an excuse to ignore content. Such is akin to the pharisees plugging their ears to Jesus because he ate with sinners. Their loss.

    • Brooke, you are self-contradictory. You condemn girls showing off big rear ends but then excuse attire if the wearer has no intention of being a stumbling block (basically your standard is to do what is right in your own eyes: an anti-biblical position).

      You also ask a question that you ignorantly expect there to be no reply to: “Why should guys be able to dress differently than girls?” The point from Anonymous is appropriate. A Seraphim will not complain that a Cherub can go around with less covering than they can. There is a reason God gave two different standards, one to each class of angel, just as He has given two different standards between men and women. Your public school based feminist mindset that wants to deny that there is a difference between the genders is showing: it is also anti=biblical.

      You are also using a modern meaning for modesty that most people use today. Humility is a synonym for the original meaning. There is nothing humble about boasting that you can ignore biblical standards because you have some special talent. Yep, such is also anti-biblical.

      • Do I need to remind you that God put both Man and Woman on the Earth with the same dress? He created us naked. Whenever the Bible speaks of modesty it tells you not to walk around with $1500 designer clothes. What better way to do this than wear what God gave us. Isaiah preached naked, David danced naked in the streets, Jesus was baptized naked; that was the way they baptized people up until the Ortodox split away from the Church. Aproximatlry 62% of nudists at Christians. God created us naked, we were born naked, God wanted us to be naked. God created nudists, sinners created clothes. Humans created clothes in the form of fig leaves, then when God expelled Adam and Eve from the Gatden of Eden and out into the world where the land had thorns and snow and other hazards, he replaced their pathetic leaves with skins that would actually protect them. We shouldn’t wear clothes unless it helps us to be safe. Modesty is not seeing how much of God’s creation you can cover up; modesty is not wearing expensive things.

        • Their bodies, the length of their hair, did not require clothing. Paul addresses this as a gender distinction and it is patterned after a similar distinction between two major classes of angels.

          There are many things that humans initiated that God took, upgraded, and repurposed: clothing, sabbaths, circumcision, tithing, etc. Reducing clothing to mere protection is an error, and it is unbiblical as many examples in comments within Scripture regarding clothing designated by God reveals.

      • God does not have double standards. Nudity is not sexual. He created humans in the nude. May I remind you that you were born nude. We all were. So clearly that is the way God wants us.

    • Brooke, I’m not commenting to tell you that you are completely wrong. I agree that there is an obvious difference between competitive swimming and just hanging out at the pool/beach or sun tanning. I also agree that guys and girls should not have different dress standards. The other two comments have both suggested that God has double standards, which He does not. He expects all of us to be modest. I do not run around without a shirt on, and I would expect girls to also be modest. I do, however, disagree with you main point. I think that it is more considerate to those that struggle with girls showing more skin to dress modestly all of them time instead of always blaming them. Image you have a family member or friend that had gotten a bad habit of smoking and now wanted to quit. Would you suggest hanging out in places where there are usually people smoking? No, because that would not help them. When Adam and Eve were in the Garden, it didn’t matter what they were or weren’t wearing because there was no temptation there for them (besides to eat the forbidden fruit), but as soon as they were leaving, God clothed them. He knew that from that time forth some would be tempted to have inappropriate thoughts and so forth, and so they all needed to be appropriately dressed. By not considering others when you dress, you are, in a way, inviting them to think inappropriately. Obviously the men need to do their part too in controlling their thoughts, but some have an easier time than others.
      Brooke, you seem to have a good heart. May it lead you to great things as you strive to live the way God wants you to live. If you still have doubts, I would invite you to ask Him personally for guidance, and He will give it to you.

      • Nudity is not inherently sexual. Our society has made it that way. God replaced Adam and Eve’s pathetic leaves with better clothes to protect them from physical hazards, not to prevent them from having sexual thoughts, as nudity is not sexual.

        • Their bodies, especially the length of their hair upon their head, did not require clothing. Paul addresses this as a gender distinction and it is patterned after a similar distinction between two major classes of angels. The woman being covered, the man uncovered (headship, by literally and symbolically).

          There are many things that humans initiated that God took, upgraded, and repurposed: clothing, sabbaths, circumcision, tithing, etc. Reducing clothing to mere physical protection is an error, and it is unbiblical as many examples in comments within Scripture regarding clothing designated by God reveals.

          God did not create a double standard, He created two genders with guidelines for both to bear witness of attributes within the Standard, and He created them sinless. Now that we are fallen, desires that were innocent have been corrupted. For some, the desire to eat becomes gluttony. Others are prone to be hooked by alcohol. Others still, their sexual desires have been perverted. This can range from sexual intercourse outside of marriage, whether it be fornication or adultery, or an unhealthy attraction to the opposite gender or to little children.

          The fact that sin and “the flesh” are often used synonymously in Scripture ought to be a clue for those ignoring that such a relationship does exist. Men, by God’s design, are hooked more easily by visual stimulus and the flesh can inflame this tendency. To ignore the after effects of the fall of Adam is to not understand the permeating effect of sin. God’s tweaking and directives regarding the presentation of our bodies are indeed steeped to portray symbolic meaning, but a component also exists to not become a blatant stumbling block to the brothers in Christ who bear a greater weakness in this area. It is not loving to God or man to be so flippant and dismissive regarding the proper use of our tabernacle, especially when your biblical research of the topic only went skin deep. (click my name)

  4. I’m a christian teenage girl, in a typical highschool where everyone wears bikinis, and I have bikinis that I have worn around my grandmas pool, I struggle with not knowing what’s best to wear as a bathing suit, I realized that I don’t have to wear a bikini fto look stylish, I have an adorable tankini but its not that I want guys to lust, but everyonees wearing one and I know I shouldn’t care what others think but I automatically do, I think everyone does time to time, this summer I’m going to try to only wear my my tankini

  5. Hi. I’m Christian from a different country. When I first came to the US, I was shocked to see even little girls in bikinis. I felt terribly uncomfortable. Not that I was lusting or anything, I just felt really uncomfortable.

    But I think it also depends a lot in cultures. I come from a culture where people look. I know this sounds funny. But after living several years in the US, I’ve learned not to look. To just go about my life pretty much almost ignoring what happens around me even if a person were to be naked. Might look for a second and blink and move on.

    But this is definitely not the case in other countries. In other countries, the human connection, by acknowledging someone else’s presence, even by just looking is normal and the standard. And it’s highly uncomfortable to look at people with barely any clothes on, and that’s if there’s no lust involved, now it’s even harder if the person is trying to be lustful.

    • People in the states like to think they have desensitized themselves beyond being affected by how we adorn ourselves, but the fruit of our culture says otherwise. Lab experiments says otherwise. More importantly, Scripture says otherwise about the human condition in general. You are correct to point out that the issue is not solely one dealing with lust. Angels adorn themselves and are some are given wings that are designated specifically for covering themselves with when they manifest themselves. Christians like to think that talk about clothing or appearance has no spiritual value. In contrast, the Holy Spirit moved an apostle to mention both praying and preaching, and how the person allows themselves to be presented in public impacts the appropriateness or value of their preaching or praying (not what they said, but what how they appeared by their own choice). I’ll update my book next month on “Things We Hide Behind”, but electronic downloads can always go back to download an updated version.

      • If you understand lust prevention as being the primary message when it comes to our physical appearance, then you are missing a more grand message. To say that orderly attire depends totally upon culture, that this issue is purely subjective, is to deny that Scripture refers to ideals, concepts, or boundaries that existed from the earliest of civilization. In other words, it is a belief that Scripture has no authority that transcends culture. What culture was it that saw God institute four out of six wings of the Seraphim to cover themselves? That was heaven and they are spirits that can manifest a bodily form. Try the subjective culture argument there. The themes God used in heaven were echoed in gender boundaries given to mankind. Godly ideals of gender connected attire boundaries remained virtually unaffected though separated by thousands of miles and years. For example, though native American men might have sported loin cloths, women still conformed to basic principles of dress that could be found in the early church and ancient civilizations that existed long before Moses or even Abraham. When Christianity made its way into pagan Celtic territory, the Celtic women relinquished their pants and seductively designed clothing to return to bog dresses: the change was due to being Christianized to follow standards that were passed down from the Apostles. In contrast, today we have told the world that clothing standards based upon gender roles is superfluous, and they have listened. Our gender bender pop culture is not much different than what the ancient Celts had before Christian influence cleaned up their culture, but a large percentage of today’s Christians lack the conviction or understanding of their forefathers. Today’s religious instructors cannot give something they do not have. So, it is not shocking to hear people paint this issue as being slippery and subjective.

  6. Your being prompted by a girl’s smile to feel lust and a girl wearing immodest clothing are 2 different things. The former is your problem and the latter is the girl’s. God looks at the heart.

  7. When you peel the layers of the onion away and get to the genuine reason that a true Christian female wants to wear a bikini it is usually to brag about her body to whomever. Look, I’ve got a body good enough to wear a bikini and I’m not going to waste my opportunity to let other people know about it. It is usually rooted in self esteem — a need to be noticed and recognized by others. I’m not even getting into the details of “others”. In fashion merchandizing you are taught that women dress to impress other women. That’s a known fact. So wearing a bikini is a “bragging” type of situation about your physical body. You have a need to be noticed by others. Why else would people even be bringing this up. Bikini’s are the thing now. Even little girls are sporting tiny bikinis. There are so many very cool looking one or two piece modest suits. If you look online you can find tankini tops that come down to the waist leaving a little flesh between the top and bottom. They are very up to date, stylish, sporty, feminine and eye catching designs if your need is to be caught by anyone’s eye. One piece suits are not the way they used to be in the 50’s. They are high on the hip, low cut on the top. What about something in between if you fear being the only person with a one piece. You may start a trend. My point here is that today it is very difficult to find any modest girls at the pool, beach including Christian girls. Frankly my sister in law who is a Christian wears very tight clothes since she lost weight. Never used to be that way. She has completely compromised her dressing since the big weight loss. Again a need to be noticed by others. That’s what it is rooted in. Look at me everyone. Not only guys but more so females. It comes down to who is more important in your life — pleasing God or yourself/others. That’s it! I’m a woman who loves to be in style, up to date and make the most of my bodytype in a very modest way. You’ll never see me with cleavage or any body parts being flaunted. Just because you think something of yourself doesn’t mean others will think the same. So get your self esteem from the one who sent his son to die for you on the cross.

  8. Hi Jordan,
    The verse from Timothy (1 Timothy 2:9-10) is so often used to refer to skin and only skin:
    “instead of looking good to men by dressing in a provocative way”. But most translations I have seen say something more like this:
    ” adorning themselves, not with elaborate hairstyles or gold or pearls or expensive clothes”. I think both Jesus and Timothy would have more problems with a woman carrying a $600 designer purse and wearing diamonds to give herself status than a woman wearing what God gave her plus a few humble scraps of fabric. The Christian Rape Culture has promoted the viewing of a woman’s natural beauty as something to attack either violently to control her and put her in her place or in a more subdued but still offensive way by putting her down, calling her crass words, and saying what they ‘think’ she is thinking.

  9. 1 Cor 8:13
    1 Cor 10:23
    Mat 18:7
    Mat 17:22-27
    1 Tim 2:9
    Rom 12:1
    CLEAR … !
    SWIMSUIT…u can wear appropriate clothes except bikini..well done..problem solve

  10. I am not going to put a general viewpoint out there for all girls.. I’m simply going to say how I feel about wearing a bikini.
    As a girl period. Christian or not..I am not at all comfortable with wearing a bikini… I feel like I’m leading myself naked in front of people I dont think need to see me like that.
    I mean let’s be honest its a fancy bra and panty…and if any guy were to walk in my room and I was in my underwear..I would freak out…I don’t see why I should be OK with doing just that just because we’re by the beach!
    As a Christian…. it’s simple..I respect my body because it is the temple of the Holy Ghost. I respect my brother and my Father who don’t need to see that much flesh from me. I respect other boys around me because I know they are already struggling to live in purity. I respect my future husband..because I’m pretty sure he doesn’t like other guys checking me out no matter how cute I am. and lastly..certainly not least.. I respect God and the Word of God. which instructs us to be modest and watch how we portray ourselves. as I said..this is my conviction. God bless you all

    • Dee,

      I’m short of words but if you can read this I just want to say the Lord bless you and grant you all the desires of your heart. If just a small percentage of Christian women will think like you, we could revolutionalize the world for Christ.

  11. First off, I greatly appreciated your dedication/ongoing conversation to the dynamics of purity…I believe that this is a topic more of us need to read up on and pray about.

    I guess all I have to say is that I’m a 19 year old Christian girl, and this is the first summer that I’ve committed to a one-piece swimsuit. Could I pull of a bikini? Sure. Is my one piece still rocking? Absolutely.

    For me making the switch wasn’t about putting myself above others or striving to be “more holy” than girls who wear a bikini…it was more about choosing to maintain a standard set by Christian institutions that I have recently attended. Every year growing up when I went to Summer Camp that was Christian based, they required all girl campers to have a one piece and this past spring I was required to wear one while traveling with my College A Cappella group. After coming home from the trip, I didn’t see a big reason to trade my new one piece suit for a bikini like most girls my age would. I figured that since I respected both the camp and my college so much, I would not disregard the boundaries that they had set because I knew they probably weren’t established unintentionally.

    Plus, to me it is so much better to make the beach and swimming about, well, the beach and swimming rather than about a silly little swimsuit. The more girls worry about how they look, the less they enjoy a pretty incredible piece of creation. *Insert additional comment about how all girls are beautiful*

    But thank you for your thoughts and I hope you were able to take away something from my own.

  12. You need to check out the history of the bikini. When it debuted they had to get a stripper to showcase it because no model would wear it. Please watch this video on the truth about what bikinis do to the male brain. You may rethink your lukewarm position: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJVHRJbgLz8
    You’re right as a man you probably shouldn’t be telling a woman what to wear (unless it’s your wife or daughter). But you can still have an opinion that’s based on Biblical truth and the facts.

  13. The question I have is what exactly is the difference between a bikini and regular underwear? If you wouldn’t walk around outside in underwear, what’s so different from walking around in a bikini? Whether male or female, as a Christian, we should want dress and conduct ourselves in manner befitting modesty. Whether male or female if we do dress or even conduct ourselves in a manner that elicits sexual desire or lust in the opposite sex, then we are guilty of the sin of lasciviousness. In seminary one of the things I was taught was not to necessarily ask if this is right or wrong, but can I do this to the glory of God. I think in all that we do, we would be wise to keep that ever that in the forefront of our mind.

    • exactly.. it is sad that this should even be a debate..this just shows how much compromise we’ve allowed into our Christian walk

  14. Hello, Jordan! This is an interesting piece. Thank you for confronting the issue head on!! The problem I encounter with bikinis is there is literally no difference than a bra and underwear. Even if it’s not leading a guy to lust (which, as stated above, it can)… I believe that we should respect ourselves enough to cover ourselves 🙂 Also, while guys can lust over a girl in a turtleneck, with a bikini nothing is “left to the imagination”. It’s all there. Just my personal opinion, and thank you for sharing this!!:)

  15. I’m new to reading your post and I’m really enjoying your insite. My belief on this is so similar to what you said. I was talking with sister the other day and she said “it’s not a man’s responsibility to tell a women how to dress, it’s the man’s responsibility to teach other men how to guard there eyes”. The statement really hit me when she said it. It’s easy to lust as a man but that should never be the women’s fault. Men have to start taking responsibility for what we think.

    2 Corinthians 10:5 talks about taking every thought captive that comes against our knowledge of Christ. God is pure so our thoughts should be like His no matter what we see.

  16. Personally I don’t wear bikinis. One reason is that it makes me uncomfortable. Another is because there is a certain amount of consideration I should have for my brothers in Christ. However, in some areas I feel like you do. I don’t think it’s fair that women are made responsible for men’s lust. I think there should be a happy medium of men’s self control and women’s consideration fro men’s struggle. But I love that you don’t have a passing blame attitude.

    • I totally agree. Swimsuits are already generally more revealing than other clothes, but we don’t need to go overboard by wearing the most revealing ones we can find. A happy medium sounds like the best option for everyone.

  17. I would encourage every girl (and guy that is interested) to go to YouTube and watch “The Evolution of the Swimsuit” by Jessica Rey. This has some great insight and information.

  18. I think that a Christian woman can wear a bikini provided that it is the right size and is tied tight enough to cover everything. Some girls purposely buy bikinis that are too tight or don’t tie them tight enough so they become loose or reveal body parts when they enter the water. That’s not appropriate for any woman. But if you wear it with class and cover up when you aren’t in the water then I don’t see the problem. People need to stop blaming women for being “tempting” and inducing lust. That’s why women think its their fault when they become the victim of sexual harassment or sexual assault, I know that’s not the topic but just saying. Men have to take responsibility for the thoughts towards a woman instead of people saying, “she’s tempting me with that bikini” or whatever else.

    • I agree Courtney that men need to take responsibility for their actions. It is no ones fault for sinful behavior, more specifically lustful thoughts, other than the person who chooses to commit the act. Jordan never blamed women for “tempting” anyone. Neither did any of the other comments. It is too bad that other women, who commented on Jordan’s blog post, did so in such a hateful and hurtful way. You can tell by words used in responses that some people are clearly convicted by the truth of what Jordan is referring to, in his written piece. That said, I feel a good dose of emotionally maturity needs to happen from some of Jordan’s readers. Again, well said. You are very right.

  19. Girls wear bikinis for more reasons than fashion or showing off skin. They are comfortable and practical in some cases. I do agree however that reasons should not be for attention. If a woman is happy with her body then great! Wear a bikini! 🙂

  20. Hey Jordan! Thank you so much for this insight. It brings a new perspective that I have never thought on before. As an 18 year old girl it is very helpful and in fact extremely uplifting to hear a godly man’s opinion on the matter. As girls and women of God we need to not only dress appropriately for our brothers in Christ but we also need to lift them up and encourage them with prayer. The power of prayer can overcome any temptation/earthly lust. 🙂 thank you again! Every word was so beautifully said.

  21. This blog post and many of the comments (most made by women themselves) encourage Rape Culture, something that I think Jesus is against. Instead of encouraging women not to cause men to “lust,” why don’t you encourage men, beings capable of self-control not to rape and lust after women. Quite frankly, I am disgusted by this.

    • Jenna, while I agree that some of the comments promote rape culture, I disagree that the blog post itself does that. Jordan said that lust is the guy’s fault and that girls shouldn’t be punished for it.

      But yes, some of the comments about how we should cause guys to stumble and that gag-worthy quote about dignity are disheartening.

    • I agree. It encourages rape culture fully. What someone said about flaunting your body like money and wanting attention, of course one can do it negatively, but Telling women not to flaunt the beauty they are made in Gods own vision, then it’s telling girls that their bodies are unsafe and not okay and it is their fault.

    • Yaaaaaa you totally just read right past the parts where he commissioned men to control their lust in favor of a woman’s freedom to use discernment because you saw a chance to publish your agenda

    • Being a guy myself, I do not suggest that guys have no responsibility for their own thoughts or actions. However, I do say that it is easier for me to control my thoughts when girls are not “flaunting” themselves, as it has been put. As a comparison, is it easier for someone who is trying to stop smoking to be around people that smoke than to be around those that do not? Obviously not. Yes, they still have the choice of whether they want to smoke or not, but it is easier to not be around those kinds of people. I cannot control what girls wear, but it is much easier on me if they do.

  22. Great leadership, in this post, Jordan. I think Kay and other young ladies will be drawn to your passion for the gospel, but also to your passion of men being real men, when in the company of ladies. Well done.

    I am a husband and father. I have two daughters, ages 12 and 10. Tomorrow, we are going to AZ for a week, on a family vaca. Your post is very timely, as we will be staying at a resort, in very warm weather, with swim suits on.

    As parents, my wife and I are teaching our daughters about modesty and sexual purity. In our home, we take a bit more firm stand and choose to fight for our daughters purity, albeit boldly. We are not legalistic, but we also don’t let anything go. That said, we tend to teach them that dresses that ride up the thigh and skimpy-bikini’s are not modest. My wife does a great job living that truth, as she dresses in a way pleasing to God.

    On a similar note, in our Christian group of friends that have kids the same ages as ours, I see dad’s passivity deeply impact their homes, as they are afraid to tackle conflict and have the “tough-bikini-conversations.” It’s hard being a parent. But we are their parents. As parents, it is our role to teach and train them to dress in such a way where they are not stumbling blocks. We cannot sit idly by and let our kids wear whatever, because we are afraid of handling conflict. That said, a woman’s body should be a mystery and there should be imagination behind what a man see’s, physically. Everything should not be bore for the eye to see, in a two-piece bathing suit.

    Men also need to respect women and treat them as crowned jewels. Spoiling them, gently loving them and treating them with kindness. This is tough for guys, as understanding women is a mystery of it’s own. Men need to bounce their eyes, despite what they see and need to learn to control their lustful desires, through surrender to the power of the Holy Spirit. This is also very difficult.

    I loved your approach, as it is very conversational, rather than “telling” women how to dress. It is easier to attract a fly to honey, than through vinegar. Meaning, you will do well to have calm, compassionate conversations, rather than to treat every problem like a nail, which needs a hammer to solve.

    I enjoyed the comments. I look forward to your book as well. Keep fighting the fight. I am praying for you and your ministry.

  23. Thanks for your post! And also thanks for not telling women what they should or shouldn’t wear, it definitely lends more credibility to your points.
    This issue is actually complicated for me. For a long time I struggled (and to a much lesser extent still struggle) with guilt for having the ability to make guys lust. I always dressed modestly, and still do, but I was doing so out of fear. I was afraid to make my brothers stumble, and afraid to invite attention. (In some ways you could say I was afraid of myself).
    For a long time I would purposely try to wear things that in no way, shape or form showed my body for this reason.
    Since then I have taken a different approach. I’ve decided not to purposely wear things for the sake of attention. I shouldn’t go out of my way to cause others to stumble. At the same time, as you said, guys will lust.
    For that reason I feel like while I have a responsibility not to willingly cause others to stumble, I cannot deny myself feeling comfortable in my own skin.
    If something is modest and covering, and cute and flattering, I must allow myself to wear it. It was and is a huge struggle for me and a large factor in my self confidence.
    By trying to hide myself physical self I was also hiding my spiritual self. I lacked the confidence to be able to truly shine for Christ because I was afraid of tempting someone. I’ve realized I can’t hide who I am, externally, or internally, because that’s who Christ made me to be. I still struggle with not wanting to be noticed and wanting to hide, but it’s much better now.
    I believe that a woman should be able to feel comfortable in her physical self, whether that’s in a bikini or not. When she can find that balance she can better address modesty and her witness.
    I’m not entirely sure I articulated myself well, but please do tell me what you think.

    • Great posts, Jordan and Estelle.

      I also chose my clothes for a long time based essentially on fear. And eventually I decided that was not a Godly way to act. As Jordan said in his post, it’s my job to have my own attitude right, but it’s not my responsibility to fix the way guys might think regardless of how well I do.

      I still struggle somewhat, but I’m a lot more comfortable with who I am (and basically the fact that I have a corporeal body, which is essentially what the other pattern is tacitly trying to avoid external notice of–seriously, are we Christians or Gnostics?).

      So now I wear stuff that is more pretty and fashionable, while still holding to the principle of modesty.

  24. I think this is an excellent post, and I totally agree. I remember hearing years ago that modesty is more of an attitude than the clothes we wear. What is your motivation? Are you wearing a bikini because it is practical and appropriate swimwear for the beach, or are you wearing it to turn heads? A girl could be wearing jeans and a sweater, but the way she’s walking and flaunting her figure could be immodest and inappropriate, yet the same outfit could be appropriate and modest on another girl.
    Flaunting one’s body is a similar attitude to flaunting money or power. Are you driving that Mercedes Benz because it is a practical and appropriate car for your situation, or are you trying to turn heads and get people to notice your money and your success….
    Like you mentioned in your blog… are you trying to get glory for yourself? Or are you truly concerned with glorifying God?
    Are you wearing clothes that you feel comfortable in and that are appropriate and comfortable to the environment and situation? Or are you trying to draw attention to yourself? I think that keeping this in mind takes the pressure off girls from worrying about hemlines and necklines and swimwear… Am I comfortable in this? Is it appropriate for the situation? Am I trying to get attention/noticed?

  25. Will you marry me? Lol… im totalllllly kidding!!! Oh gosh you’re going to judge me! But really could we go on a date?

    -Kay (don’t worry I love the Lord also. I would have to to notice your character!)

  26. Hey, Jordan! I was wondering what your thoughts are regarding what a ” stylish, appropriate” bikini is? What does style have to do with appropriateness? One could be stylish, but if if shows the same amount of skin as the other bikini, how is it any more appropriate? As a guy, I totally understand what you are saying about is lusting no matter what, but that doesn’t mean girls should go to the beach all but naked, in my opinion.

    P.S. This may sound confrontational, but it is not supposed to be! I am just asking! Thanks!

    • Hey Aaron. I don’t know what a stylish and appropriate bikini is. As a guy, I don’t know anything about what’s stylish for a girl. Appropriate is just not showing too much. I’m just saying that girls have the right to want to look stylish. I know girls who really who style and they could express that in their bikini. And I’m with you that girls shouldn’t “go to the beach all but naked”. I said in the blog that their are some bikini that are downright horrible. Discernment and wise counsel is key on this topic.

      Thanks for your input. I did not get the vibe that you were confrontational. God bless.

  27. Hey Jordan, I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on this! 😀

    On the matter of fashion: our culture does not value modesty, and I firmly believe that the reason bikini’s are fashionable is BECAUSE they are provocative. Ladies can look cute and wear pretty colors at the beach without showing off their body. So I think that before ladies put on a bikini we must also ask ourselves what is at the heart of the fashion statement.

    I trust you, Jordan, when you say that a woman could be wearing a ton of clothes and a man would still lust. But are women making things any easier for men by wearing bikinis? (Romans 14:13)

    One last thing: whether or not it causes the men around me to lust, I don’t want to wear a bikini and thus reveal parts of my body that I seek to reserve for my husband’s eyes.

    Just some thoughts!

    • Hey Emily. Thanks for bringing up your points. I kept on saying, “Amen!” throughout your comment. We need to ask what is the heart of the fashion statement and whether bikini make things easier for guys. Those are all important to consider. Thank you for your input.

  28. Hey Jordan! I appreciate your POV, but as a Christian young lady, I completely disagree. The Bible is clear that if we know something we’re doing may make it easier for someone else to stumble, we shouldn’t do that thing. I think that really applies here as well. If something is morally inappropriate to wear away from the beach, I don’t think a body of water nearby will change that. I appreciate your blog and your stand for Jesus 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah for your continued support. I appreciate it. And we will come to a different conclusions on this tricky topic. I would just say that guys don’t need much to lust. I have been led to lust over a girl just by a mere smile. Should girls not smile? By no means. I know that you don’t intend that to happen. We need to consider our responsibility on causing others to stumble, but also consider the other’s responsibility.

    • Exactly. Just because society says “it’s all relative” doesn’t trump God. Society says there’s an appropriate place for more nudity than others, and depending on the fabric it’s made of. But Gods standard isn’t relative- it never changes.


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