Blink-182 is a popular american rock band. They’re known for being funny and having immature lyrics. This is true, but blink is much more than a funny immature joke. They have songs that have more depth than the pacific ocean. This blog will specifically focus on their relationship songs. I often characterize past dating relationships with Blink-182 songs, since their relationship songs cover a wide array of relationships.

In this blog, I will categorize different dating relationships by songs from Blink-182.

“Wasting Time” relationship (song)

This relationship is the one you thought about being with them more than you actually were with them. You dreamed of being with them for a long time, but you weren’t with them for very long. In some cases, you don’t ever get the chance to be with them. In other cases, you dated someone who didn’t really care about you. You tried to make it work, but they never even tried.

The song (from the Cheshire Cat album) sets the tone of the song by the opening lyrics:

I’m wasting time thinking about a girl
And stealing her away from her world
She and I would run away
I think of all the things that I’d say

You end up wasting time thinking about this person, since nothing really comes of it.

“Please Take Me Home” relationship (song)

This is the friend you dated, you found out you better off as “just friends”, and now dating ruined your friendship. You went into dating as friends, but left dating as strangers.

The song opens up with the feeling of ruining everything:

Oh no it happened again

You hate that you’ve lost another friend to the casualty of dating. A good friend is hard to come by and you squandered this friend by trying to see if you could be something more.

Why did we have to go date?
It’s too easy to complicate
Be strong when things fall apart
(be strong when things fall apart)
honest this breaks my heart

“The Rock Show” relationship (song)

You can’t stop thinking about someone you just met. You randomly met them and now you think they might be the one. My favorite lyrics from this song are as follows and they express the fast-moving nature of this relationship:

Because I fell in love with the girl at the rock show
She said “what?” and I told her that I didn’t know

The guy is falling in love with her and he couldn’t hold it in, yet, when he said it, she was surprised, and then the guy tries to shrug it off.

“Feeling This” Relationship (song)

This relationship was purely physical. You didn’t connect intellectually, emotionally, or spiritually, but you sure did connect physically. The following lyrics prove the short-lived nature of this relationship that is based purely on being physical:

Fate fell short this time
Your smile fades in the summer
Place your hand in mine
I’ll leave when I wanna

“Toast & Bananas” relationship (song)

This relationship ended on the worst terms possible and you’re upset that them for hurting you. You’re surprised that they acted in the way they acted and you want nothing to do with them. Their true colors came out and their colors revealed them to not be your friend.

Do you wanna know what I think of you?
‘Cause you’re not the way I thought you should be
Do take back what you said
It’s time to fix, it’s time to fix your head

And now all alone, one’s less than two
I’ve never been better off living lonely
To listen to what you say
I couldn’t care less of what you say

“Dammit” relationship (song)

This relationship ended, but not in the worst terms possible. They dumped you, but you expected it and you actually handled it in a mature way. You’re not particularly upset with them and you don’t mind seeing them around. You’re over it and willing to be cordial with them.

It’s alright
to tell me
what you think
about me
I won’t try
to argue
or hold it
against you
I know that
you’re leaving

The ending of this relationship showed you that you’re finally growing up.

And it’s happened once again
I’ll turn to a friend
Someone that understands
Sees through the master plan

But everybody’s gone
And I’ve been here for too long
To face this on my own
Well I guess this is growing up

“Josie” relationship (song)

All the relationships spoken about in this post have all been negative, but a “Josie” relationship is the best one possible. This relationship couldn’t be more perfect. They make you laugh, treat you well, understand your flaws and still love you, know what to say to brighten your day, and they’re always fun to be around. You have it good when you have a “Josie” relationship.

This entire song is about how awesome this girlfriend is:

She doesn’t get all jealous when I hang out with the guys
She laughs at my dumb jokes when no one does…

She’s so smart and independent, I don’t think she needs me
Quite half as much as I know I need her
I wonder why there’s not another guy that she’d prefer…

I show up at 3am
She’s still up watching Vacation, and I
See her pretty face
It takes me away to a better place and
I know that everything’s gonna be fine

If you’re in this relationship, then make sure to never lose it.

“Always” relationship (song)

This relationship ended prematurely. It ended for dumb reasons and now you deeply regret it. They say, “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone”. This song captures that idea. You would do anything to go back and do things differently.

These lyrics show how you would take them back and that you’re ready to try to make it work.

I’ve been here before a few times
And I’m quite aware we’re dying
And your hands they shake with goodbyes
And I’ll take you back if you’d have me
So here I am I’m trying
So here I am are you ready

You miss what you had and you want to start fresh with them.

And I’ll miss your laugh your smile
I’ll admit I’m wrong if you’d tell me
I’m so sick of fights, I hate them
Lets start this again for real

“Stockholm Syndrome” relationship (song)

This relationship is harmful and destructive, yet irresistible. You’re constantly mistreated and everyone tells you that you need to get out, but you love your boyfriend/girlfriend and have an excuse for why he/she is the way they are.

You’re cold with disappointment
While I’m drowning in the next room
The last contagious victim of this plague between us
I’m sick with apprehension
I’m crippled from exhaustion
And I dread the moment when you finally come to kill me

“What Went Wrong” after a breakup (song)

This song isn’t about a relationship, but instead about the aftermath of a relationship. The breakup could be messy or clean, but you’re still alone. You invested all this time into a person and, in a flash, everything disappeared. You used to talk all the time and now you don’t. Your life seems empty without having someone next to you to experience life with.

You hate all the places you loved going with each other.

I hate our favorite restaurant, favorite movie, our favorite show

You hate hearing all the cheesy love songs everywhere you go.

I’m sick of always hearing
Sappy love songs on the radio…

You’re devastated about the ending of this relationship and you’re just angry at the world around you.

I’m kicking out fiercely at the world around me
What went wrong
I’m kicking

What is your favorite relationship song from any artist/band?

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